La Marea: Los Abrigos Best Kept Secret

Wed, July 29th, 2015 - By Linda

Regular readers of the blog will know that all of us are big fans of the fishing village of Los Abrigos. Along with Tajao and La Caleta, it’s one of the south of the island’s  ‘musts’ for lovers of the fresh fish and seafood in which the island specializes.


Interior La Marea

Los Abrigos boasts one of the south’s best eateries, Los Roques, a high end restaurant with an international menu, which would fit in easily in London or Madrid. But most of the fish restaurants are serving the same main dish – grilled fish with papas arrugadas, that they were serving almost 30 years ago when I first arrived. The quality is invariably good, but it has to be said that if you live in Tenerife, well, sometimes you crave some variety.

A few weeks back I enjoyed a hearty traditional lunch one balmy Saturday afternoon, so when a friend suggested Sunday lunch in the same village the following day, I was just a tad underwhelmed – which shows how wrong one can be, because I had a treat in store.


Grilled cheese La marea

The restaurant she had chosen, La Marea, wasn’t clustered with the others by the harbour side, which can be busy on Sunday lunchtimes as the restaurants fill up with large groups of local families. Instead, it occupies a corner along the ocean front promenade which runs from behind the harbour up to the end of the village. Whilst there is a (very quiet) road between restaurant and coast, the views, where black lava meets sapphire sea, are hypnotic with a glimpse of Montaña Roja down the coastline.

As soon as I saw the ocean-influenced décor, with a huge mural, and colours matching the view outside, I knew that this was going to be different. Tables and chairs are metallic and modern, not the sturdy pine we are so used to. Stylish would not be an exaggeration, but we sat on the covered terrace where a delightful breeze kept us cool.


Bruschetta gambas Marea

First glance at the menu showed the usual suspects, but revealed touches of originality like bruschettas of langoustine with vegetables, and cheese sticks with cranberry sauce. Curious, we decided to go for tapas instead of a fish meal.

Creative salads are not synonymous with Los Abrigos. Without exception it’s lettuce, onion and tomato, topped with pickled carrot or perhaps an egg; all lovely and fresh. But La Marea has the modern approach, with mixed leaves, avocado and olives in a light dressing. Their presentation of grilled goat’s cheese drizzled not only with mojo but also palm syrup had that extra touch too. The classic prawns in garlic was, quite simply, the best I’ve ever had.

On my next visit I tried the bruschetta of prawns, and tested the papas arrugadas which passed with flying colours, as did the mojos, and I was also happy to note a selection of local wines had pride of place on the menu. The service is friendly and not intrusive. We sat for a long time, gossiping without any pressure at all to leave, but that’s normal throughout the Canary Islands.


Los Abrigos Coast

La Marea has fast become my favourite Los Abrigos restaurant, and I can’t wait to go back to try those langoustines and veggie bruschettas.

La Marea Calle Sirena, Los Abrigos. Tel. 922 691390 My bill for 2 large langoustiness with papas arrugadas and sauces, bread, water, 3 glasses of wine and bruschetta of prawns with avocado came to just over €21

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  1. Try the Cherne (local fish) a la plancha (with or without garlic).
    We did and were blown away. You are dead right about the salad, papas and mojo sauces too.

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