Review of Restaurant Caballo Blanco in El Médano

Wed, March 7th, 2012 - By Colin

What’s so strange about having soup on a scorching sun terrace next to an English style seaside pier at a surf dudes’ paradise in Tenerife? Well a meal at Caballo Blanco restaurant in El Medano worked well for me. The special offer menu of the day tempted me in (or should that be out) from the cool and shady Paseo El Picacho but I was soon taking a keen interest in other people’s servings as I listened to the waves pounding in below.

Picking a table close to the peeling balustrades, the white horses on top of the pillars seemed an obvious reference to the restaurant name but the golf balls confused me and one of the toppings had been snapped off at some time. My wandering gaze and mind was jolted back to the task in hand as the waiter brought my vegetable soup with a couple of big dollops of bread lurking in the bowl. It tasted lovely and I was impressed to notice my coke was a large bottle, although I could have chosen a glass of wine on the deal.

There was a big family group near the back of the terrace enjoying the shade of the half open sliding roof, their salad was large and healthy looking and generous helpings of Canarian potatoes filled their plates along with sole and sea bass. Between my soup and plump chicken breast in a tangy sauce with chips and salad, I couldn’t resist a peek between two horses heads (not on the menu I might add) on the pillars, they guarded a well locked gate with a metal stairway down to the sea. Most of the bars along this stretch have an easy access route to bathing but the tide needed to come in quite a bit more to tempt me.


It was a beautiful setting, Montaña Roja to one side with surfers’ kites cutting through the clear blue sky and Hotel El Medano jutting defiantly into the sea as the tide swirled around the sturdy concrete supports. A few people on the terrace were just enjoying a mid afternoon drink but inside the tables were more formally laid out for later. A nautical theme was on the go with fishing nets draped on the walls and decorative portholes between them.

Suitable recharged after my swim I scanned the menu on the way out and tried to decide what I would go for on a later visit with more time and appetite. The rice and pasta dishes looked tempting but then again I could be swayed by the tenderloin and goats cheese. Out in the cool passageway I headed off for more of El Medano’s special delights.

Posted : Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 at 10:34 am
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