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Fri, August 23rd, 2013 - By Colin

The bad news is Kikiriki has moved. The good news is they have only shuffled one door down in the Apolo Centre in Los Cristianos. That move, the recommendation of friends, and the 40 % discount Sunday special all ganged up to make sure I gave it a well overdue visit.


Kikirki, Los Cristianos


Most people choose the large outside terrace so I wasn’t about to buck the trend. I thought I would start with something from the house specialties, onion cake with salmon nearly got me with its back to front logic but I went for puff pastry with spinach and blue cheese. It was quite a revelation, the pastry was crisp and flaky but hardly prepared me for the taste sensation inside. The blue cheese was strong and satisfying but the spinach wasn’t shy to add its own influence and the lettuce, tomato, and carrot complimented it well.

The Apolo is on a well used route down to the main bus station where the northern routes like Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz come together with the south and west coast feeders for Costa Adeje and Los Gigantes. Lately the Apolo has been in a constant state of change with new restaurants and bars coming and going but on this hot Sunday afternoon it was fairly quiet.


Kikirki, Los Cristianos


Every Sunday Kikiriki gives 40% off all meals from 1 to 5pm, but remember that doesn’t include the drinks. The restaurant proclaims it specializes in chicken and grilled meat so my main course had to be chicken, there were 11 variations to pick from but I went for the roast chicken with Kikiriki sauce.

Hoping the Popeye myth might prove to be true I ordered a side dish of creamy spinach with cheese, it was lovely and tangy giving me another option to go with my generous serving of Canarian potatoes. The half chicken had plenty of meat on it so I coated some in the signature sauce, what a great flavour. Slightly sweet, the cream, tarragon and tomato made a very different compliment to my meat, and the potatoes found themselves enjoying a close encounter with the cheesy spinach.


Kikirki, Los Cristianos


Looking through the menu as I ate, it was packed with nearly 100 dishes including a huge list of pizzas, a good selection of steaks and barbecued meat, and fish or seafood. The paella choices were interesting and included fish and seafood, a mix of fish and meat, or a vegetable version. I was a bit full up for a dessert but they looked very tempting, crème caramel with cream and walnuts, chocolate mousse, and lemon or almond cake. Kikiriki is certainly worth seeking out for an evening meal or that amazing Sunday afternoon offer.

Kikiriki, CC Apolo Centre, Los Cristianos; tel (0034) 922 753 074; open Monday to Saturday 5pm to 11pm, Sundays 1pm to 11pm

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