Keeping Fit on Your Tenerife Holiday

Wed, November 25th, 2015 - By Linda

Holidays can be a mixed blessing if you like to keep fit. You need to wind down without losing your fitness level. You don’t want to be in the hotel gym when the sub-tropical climate beckons but you would like to find a way to compensate for those papas arrugadas and ice creams. Welcome to The Canary Islands, where the climate actually encourages you to get out there and ‘do it’.


Geranium Walk


If you have specific sports needs, take a look back over this blog for details of golf, tennis, marathons, water sports, and other sports but if you simply want to go home with a body to match your tan, or indeed, tan whilst you work out, do what the locals do. They take advantage of what’s out there and it leaves little excuse not to.

Our most obvious resource is the ocean. Doing laps in a pool will never be the same again once you have spent a week or two taking your early morning dip on the shores of south west Tenerife.   From Los Cristianos to Los Gigantes there are several beaches which are safe for experienced swimmers. Just remember to read any instructions at the beach entrance and observe the colour of the flag flying which will indicate weather/sea conditions. Be aware that lifeguard facilities on the beaches which have them don’t begin until 9am though.


Cycling geranium walk


I asked cycling friends for their thoughts on cycling here, and they were unanimous in advising avoiding main roads unless you are very experienced. Not only are most steep but many are also quite narrow. However, Geranium Walk runs from Los Cristianos to the far point of Costa Adeje in La Caleta making it easily accessible, and perfect for taking a spin within sight of the ocean.

Runners and joggers don’t have to run up mountains unless you want an extreme challenge.  You will spot dozens of residents sprinting or trudging their way along coastal promenades before work beckons. Others prefer doing laps of the curving beach of Las Vistas, though most of the other beaches are monotonous since they aren’t that long.


La Tejita


That’s not true of La Tejita beach in El Médano, and only a hop, skip and a jump from Golf del Sur. It’s one of the longest on the island, and the neighbouring beaches in El Médano itself are a decent length too, except at high tide! Something you quickly learn is not to be embarrassed about taking exercise on the beach, you will see folk doing yoga, martial arts, and working out as well as running. And there is nothing quite like a dip after you’ve sweated out your run.


Dawn on Las Vistas beach


Speaking of sweat, the best time for anything strenuous, especially in summer, is early morning. Sunrise here, even in June or July, isn’t that early, so rising at dawn isn’t as daunting as it sounds. The ocean breezes generally blow away the heat overnight making it an almost idyllic opportunity to exercise. If you do choose to run during the day, and plenty of people do, remember to take plenty of water, more than you would running in Britain.

Remember too, all of this is available year round, you really have no excuse not to keep fit on a Tenerife holiday!

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