Italian Pasta Perfection at Da Arianna

Wed, June 25th, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

Having our friend over to stay for a day or so gave us a good excuse to pop out to eat and having recently returned to Tenerife from a tour of the Italian Lakes, the last place we expected to choose was an Italian restaurant. But the smell of garlic bread and grilled cheese emanating from one of the latest restaurants to open in the La Paz district of Puerto de la Cruz was just too enticing to ignore. There are some places it’s just impossible to walk past, and Da Arianna Pizza and Pasta is one of them.


Da Arianna Pizza and Pasta


Da Arianna has a spacious, open plan dining room and large outside terrace enclosed at the sides to create an elegant and intimate dining experience. The menu specialises in gourmet Italian cuisine and features a selection of creative, classic Italian cuisine; all the usual suspects on the pizza list and a tantalising choice of home made, filled pastas which you mix and match with mouthwatering sauces.

Having been lured into the restaurant by the aroma of freshly baked garlic bread, we opted for a garlic and oregano focaccia between the three of us to kick start our meal. There then ensued a tortuous decision-making process as we salivated our way through the mind boggling variety of home made pastas and sauces.


Focaccia at  Da Arianna Pizza and Pasta


We could have chosen linguine, fetuccine, orechiette or gnocchi to name just a few. Having chosen our pasta shapes and textures we could have had them filled with any one of 13 choices including spinach and mozarella; cod, onion and pepper; ground beef or Roquefort cheese. Finally, to literally and figuratively top it all, we could have them coated in one of 15 sauces. It was clearly all too much for Jack who gave up on the combination game and opted for Pizza Salume while Jo and I chose Sorrentino Caprese and Ravioli di Carne respectively and we both settled on a sauce of Tartufo e Funghi (truffle cream with mushrooms).


Meat ravioli in truffle cream and mushroom sauce, Da Arianna Pizza and Pasta


When the focaccia arrived it was introduced to us as “foccacia-ita” (little focaccia), in the same endearing and ironic fashion in which Robin Hood named his giant friend Little John. Three of us struggled to finish the savoury and soft, garlic-infused bread and when we did, we wished we hadn’t as our large bowls of pasta and sauce arrived accompanied by Jack’s “pizz-ita”, almost half the size of the table.


Pizza, Da Arianna Pizza and Pasta


One sniff of my truffle cream and mushroom sauce and I was instantly transported back to a candlelit table beside Lake Maggiore. The ravioli was cooked to pasta perfection; the ground beef was succulent and the truffle and mushroom sauce was rich, smoky and creamy. Jack’s pizza was spicy chorizo smothered in cheese on a thin and light base. Taking our time, savouring every mouthful and washing it down with a bottle of San Lorenzo Chianti wine, we were determined not to leave a morsel but filled beyond capacity, I let the side down and waved my white napkin over the final three ravioli in their succulent sauce.

When the “cuent-ita” arrived it was the only real “ita” of the night – just €50 for the three of us including beers, wine and water.

Da Arianna, Avenida Marques de Villanueva del Prado (opposite Hotel Botanico); (+34) 922 38 19 79; open every day 1pm-midnight; home delivery service to Puerto de la Cruz, La Orotava, Los Realejos and Santa Ursula – call (+34) 618 946 059.

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