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Fri, January 27th, 2012 - By Andrea Montgomery

Stroll down the promenade from Los Cristianos to La Caleta and you’ll lose count of the number of bars advertising ‘One Euro A Pint’ and in most of them, you’ll see happy holidaymakers clutching a pint pot of the amber nectar, regardless of the hour.

Brewed in Santa Cruz by CCC (Compañía Cervecera de Canarias), the ‘national’ beer of Tenerife is Dorada and it’s available everywhere from the smallest kiosk to the grandest hotel in every hamlet, town and village from Alcalá to Vilaflor. It’s light, chilled to perfection and as easy to drink as, well, a cold beer on a hot day. But for real ale lovers, it’s nothing more than a girl’s drink in comparison to the real thing. And for that, you’ll have to go to the north of the island.

El Sauzal lies above the north coast of Tenerife between Tacoronte and Santa Ursula. Apart from being home to the excellent Casa del Vino Wine Museum, this area is home to some of the best restaurants on the island and to home brewed ale at the Tacoa Cervecería and Restaurant.

Chief brewer and owner Jochen Zeisel left his native Germany to relocate to Tenerife and clearly didn’t relish spending the rest of his life without his country’s trademark speciality, pure brewed ale. Having served his apprenticeship in a microbrewery in Berlin, Jochen decided to import Germany’s finest brewing ingredients, blend them with his know-how and open his own brewery restaurant.

The hops used in Tacoa are imported from Germany’s most famous supplier, Haller Tam, and the malt from a century old business in Bamberg in southeast Germany where they’ve been dealing in brewing malts for four generations. The beer is brewed strictly in accordance with the German law of purity: no additives, no preservatives, 100% natural and fresh ingredients and comes in six different blends:

  • ‘Cobra’ – copper coloured, soft and mild
  • ‘Negra’ – dark, strong and malty
  • ‘Trigo’ – amber, wheat beer with a faint banana flavour
  • ‘Light’ –  only 2%, soft and refreshing
  • ‘Fiesta’ – based on a Munich Beer Festival recipe, this blend is only produced for special occasions and varies according to the season, from a touch of cinnamon at Christmas to a hint of cherry in summer.


Inside Tacoa Cervecería and Restaurant the brewing vats take pride of place, their gleaming copper  reflected in the design of the restaurant’s ceiling lamps and bar decoration. As well as serving real ales, Tacoa prepares excellent, traditional German and Canarian food, again using all fresh ingredients but this time sourced locally. The sausages come from a local German butcher who’s been serving customers on the island for over 30 years and the Canarian potatoes are supplied by near-neighbour Manolo.

Real ale, traditional hand pumps, thick, juicy sausages and home made chips – there’s a reason Tacoa is usually packed out, and it doesn’t involve a blackboard declaring ‘One Euro a Pint’.

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