Holiday Breakfasts in South Tenerife

Wed, November 28th, 2012 - By Linda

What do you have for breakfast? Do you burn the toast whilst looking for a clean pair of socks? Woof down a bowl of cornflakes whilst trying to listen to the news headlines? Whatever you do, the pace of everyday life seems to preclude breakfast being a leisurely or enjoyable meal, but on your Canary Islands holiday how nice to indulge and make your breakfast the start of a relaxing day.

Maybe you’re staying in a hotel where breakfast is included, but if it isn’t, or you’re staying in a self-catering apartment, or just want a change, here are some insider tips for “naughty” breakfasts in south Tenerife i.e. they are delicious, fun and I won’t vouch for the calorie content!

Full English breakfast


If you are a dedicated English breakfast fan you may be bemused by the vast choice available  from Playa de las Americas to Golf del Sur. I know for a fact that some are excellent, but it isn’t where locals would go from choice. By locals I include ex-pats, whether ‘swallows’ or permanent residents. I recently discovered the best island, English breakfast I’ve had in many a year, and it was in Costa del Silencio. Tucked away in Costa Sol a quiet complex, much favoured by ‘swallows,’ is Alejandro’s a smart café with neat, check table cloths and cheerful, British owners, who have been there around six months. The full breakfast, which my friend enjoyed, was delicious and non-greasy. I tried the vegetarian alternative, which comes with bubble and squeak instead of meats, and it was really yummy. There is also a vegan option, AND homemade cakes and pies for those with a sweet tooth.

Danish Pastry


Speaking of sweet tooths (or is it sweet teeth?) there’s also a wide choice of places offering pastries, both sweet and savoury. My favourite, and that of many, is the café generally known as The French Bakery, which sits opposite the walkway which leads to the Post Office in Los Cristianos. It has no equal for croissants, pain au chocolate or Danish pastries, as well as tasty quiches and panini, and it opens at 7am, so if you’re planning a day out you can get a tasty breakfast to start your day. Other early openers and runners-up are Bar Media Luna opposite the bus station, and Café Epoca in El Camison.

Goats cheese with mojo


In general if you stroll the outskirts of Los Cristianos or visit nearby towns like Adeje, Arona or Las Galletas you will find Canarian bars where you can get tortilla, local cheeses or chorizos and good, strong coffee which will set you up for the day, and the nice thing is that most bars do freshly-squeezed orange juice, and many do other juices, as a matter of course – you don’t need to go to a health food bar.

Frozen yoghurt


My new breakfast discovery, however, combines healthy and naughty indulgence. Recently opened on Calle Juan XXlll, the pedestrian street in the middle of Los Cristianos, is Ö!MyGood serving frozen yogurts with fresh fruit and a delightful-looking list of recommendations for breakfast dishes including waffles and cheesecake to go with it, plus smoothies. I have yet to investigate all the options, but intend to, and so far I can vouch for the yogurt and fruit.

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