Henry Moore Gets Bronzed All Over In Santa Cruz

Mon, November 11th, 2013 - By Colin

Presents for me? That was my initial response to the huge well wrapped parcels at key points in Santa Cruz but they were to mark a very special 40th anniversary. That’s how long ago it is since the capital city of  Tenerife staged an ambitious Art In The Streets exhibition.


Henry Moore, Goslar Warrior


Now Henry Moore Art En La Calle has arrived until 1st December with eight of the Castleford born artist’s heavyweight works in bronze. The lone survivor from the initial displays is La Guerrero de Goslar which has rested in the Las Ramblas district most of that time, apart from a brief spell indoors at the nearby TEA – Tenerife Espacio de Las Artes, and a recent removal to clean off graffiti. The figure on the plinth is reclining, the very informative guides in Spanish and English at each work soon taught me that old Henry liked recliners, he thought that if a subject was sat on a seat for instance, that might detract from the figure.


Henry Moore, Oval with Points


As I met the next batch of sculptures at Plaza del Principe I couldn’t help thinking what a mammoth operation it must have been to transport these pieces here, four are on loan from a Berlin museum and three are from the Morris Singer Foundary near Basingstoke. Big thanks have to go to the Caja Canarias Foundation for funding the project so it was no surprise to see Oval With Points outside the bank’s HQ. A miner’s son, Henry didn’t believe in fancy names, he called his works as he saw them, and this one took shape in his studio based on an early plaster version.


Henry Moore, Large Standing Figure, Knife Edge


One of the more upstanding pieces is Large Standing Figure – Knife Edge , his original model came from a bird bone with plasticine added at each end. That pointed me in the direction of Plaza de Candelaria at the bottom of the big shopping street Calle Castillo, I’m sure the great man would have been pleased to know a batch of his creations were getting such mainstream attention as shoppers met the flow of cruise ship passengers flooding into the city.


Henry Moore, Locking Piece


My favourite here was Locking Piece, inspired by two pebbles he found in the gravel pit behind his home. That reminded me of the security guards lurking at a discreet distance from all the sculptures, they had been on 24 hour rotating duty since the arrival of the art. They may be heavy but in the last couple of years a seven foot tall piece was stolen from a Scottish park and a two ton masterpiece went walkies from the Henry Moore Foundation in Hertfordshire.


Henry Moore, Reclining Mother with Child


My last selection is the Reclining Mother And Child placed nicely by the edge of the Plaza de Espana, a mixture of tough and tender according to the description and I wouldn’t argue with that. It was good to see these new additions so well received, people were touching them, posing with them, and generally enjoying them, if you listen carefully you can almost hear a sigh of satisfaction from Henry Moore.

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