Between a Hard Rock and the Hard Rock Café in Tenerife

Wed, November 5th, 2014 - By Jack Montgomery

Sitting on the summit of Roque del Conde dangling our legs over a rock, we looked over a landscape pockmarked by volcanic cones, a shimmering ocean stretching all the way to America and a coastline filled with hotels and apartment blocks; the main southern tourist resorts on Tenerife.


South Coast from Roque del Conde, Tenerife

From ground level it appears the resorts have totally engulfed the land, marching west to conquer the strip between Callao Salvaje and Playa San Juan. However, from above you realise they don’t stretch far inland. Cross the TF1 autopista and before you know it you’ll be halfway up a volcanic crater.

What’s also interesting is the actual size of resorts. Los Cristianos isn’t very big at all. Costa Adeje is the big boy of the group, covering most of the resort area below us. The runt is Playa de las Américas, occupying a single promontory jutting out between its neighbours.

In some people’s eyes, Las Américas IS Tenerife; a huge and hedonistic resort you want to avoid unless you’re a sun-seeking party animal. The reality isn’t quite like that.


Hard Rock Cafe, Playa de las Américas, Tenerife

Anyone expecting bars advertising all-day British breakfast will be surprised by the Safari Centre area in Las Américas. A shining example of this chic world is the Hard Rock Café in the fabulously over-the-top Piramide de Arona.
If it’s your first time to this part of Las Américas, don’t worry about not being able to find the Hard Rock Café, it positively screams its position away.

A change of scene from volcanic rock to smart pavements illuminated by designer shop windows and stylish street lighting and we were in a queue with other wide-eyed visitors name-checking exhibits such as Meat Loaf’s jacket and Sheryl Crow’s guitar.
The dining area was packed and we heard the receptionist tell the couple in front there was a 45 minute wait for a table. We decided to try the food another time and just have a drink instead.


Upstairs Bar, Hard Rock Cafe, Playa de las Américas

“You can sit at the bar here, or there’s another upstairs which is really cool,” the smiling receptionist told us. “Or there’s the outside terrace, that’s also very cool.”

She was right. The upstairs bar was exceptionally cool, with sexy seating beneath mock Roman columns overlooking the dancing fountain in the Safari Centre. It wasn’t too busy – most people were probably eating dinner. We were able to take our pick of the tables to down a couple of Dorados that, at €3.90 each, were more expensive than less salubrious places but worth it for the electrifying buzz the Hard Rock Café triggers.
Some nights there are tribute bands, DJs and theme nights. We just had the regular rock, the likes of U2 and Bon Jovi providing the soundtrack for a seductive and glitzy neon-lit scene.


Safari Centre, Playa de las Américas, Tenerife

This area of Las Américas doesn’t look or feel like any other part of Tenerife. It has a completely different energy than the resorts bordering it… and there isn’t one sign advertising British breakfasts in sight.

Factfile: If you want to eat at Hard Rock Café, it’s best to book ahead. If you just want a drink there are three bars to choose from. Although there were only a handful of people waiting, we found the service at the upstairs bar to be quite slow.

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