Golf del Sur, is it More Than Just a Golf Course?

Fri, January 30th, 2015 - By Linda

“Our complex was lovely, but there is nothing to do there if you don’t golf.”

“We like walking, and there are good walks along the coast from Golf del Sur. All the complexes have swimming pools, several have tennis courts, and there are plenty of shops and restaurants, so we never get bored.”

Two very different reactions from friends I quizzed about their holidays on the San Miguel resort of Golf del Sur in Tenerife. Of course I have my own opinions, but it’s good to ask someone with a vacation experience as opposed to mine, which was working there for a couple of years.


Sea view


The highlight of my day back then was walking to and from work along the promenade. It runs from the San Miguel Marina on neighbouring Amarilla Golf, to the edge of Golf del Sur, where it peters out into a rough track which will take you to the delicious fish restaurants in Los Abrigos. I regularly saw dolphins close to shore.

My feeling is that there is a lot more to it than simply the one sport. It’s a community with a church, a doctor’s surgery, a supermarket and several mini markets, and an abundance of eateries which run the international spectrum, as well as a plethora of bars, (especially Irish ones) and a popular disco. There is a modern medical centre which advertises dentistry and a chemist, as well as a beautician’s – that certainly wasn’t there in my day. All the usual suspects are also represented in terms of tourist goods, electronics, swimwear and clothes, booze and of course car hire and excursion agencies. If you like the quiet life there is no need to leave the resort.


Bars on the upper level of San Blas CC


And then, of course, there is the golf course, to get that out of the way, a 27 hole course, with views of volcanic mountains to one side and the Atlantic to the other, which once hosted the PGA tour.


Golf view


Going back to my friends who were not impressed – what there isn’t is much of a beach. Beach bunnies take a bus to El Médano or to Las Galletas for the nearest. That said, there are frequent buses to places from Los Gigantes to Santa Cruz (some destinations require a change of bus). Happily TITSA, the local bus company, offers an excellent service, so you can sit back and enjoy the island views. If you hire a car, the famous resorts of Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos are about twenty minutes down TF1. And best of all, it’s only ten minutes from leaving Reina Sofia airport to plonking down your cases in your room.


Walking to Los Abrigos


The thing which perhaps gives Golf del Sur its character is that a lot of ex-pats and ‘swallows’ (pensioners who spend the winter here) call it home. That means English is widely spoken, and there are familiar foods and beers, and a kind of ‘homely’ feel, because people go about their daily lives, though not by any stretch of the imagination does it compare to ‘local’ places. Some would see that as a negative aspect, in the end it comes down to personal taste.

Transport is easy, but if your idea of a holiday is to keep off the road, and you don’t play golf, you may find Golf del Sur a little tame.

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