Gods And Mortals Ready For Fun At Arona Carnaval

Wed, March 4th, 2015 - By Colin

Mount Olympus will pull rank on Mount Teide from 6 to 16 March as Arona Carnaval celebrates an Olympus theme in Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas. It’s an easy theme to latch onto, suddenly those dodgy holiday sandals will look a wise investment and hotel and apartment owners will be making sure their bed sheets don’t morph into togas. Efforts to join in are always appreciated, the many Chinese “Todo” shops are a good source for cheap silly hats, masks, and wigs.


Arona Carnaval poster


Friday 6 March –The showground  by the Valdes Centre in Los Cristianos will burst into life from 9 pm as the candidates for Carnaval Queen and Infant Queen take to the stage.
Saturday 7 March – The Cabalgata parade in Playa de Las Americas from 7 pm is your first chance to see the huge range of dancers and musicians, dressed to thrill. The route is from CC Gala in Avenida Rafael Puig slowly working its way to CC Oasis.
Tip – It’s best to be flexible for the parades, they are slow, allow at least a generous hour, and there are always less congested spots, side streets short cuts can act as your fast forward or rewind to relive your favourite bits.


Arona carnaval


Sunday 8 March – Here come the Murgas, from 8 pm, large groups of bizarrely dressed singers ready to poke fun at the serious and pompous of Tenerife life. The showground in front of the stage is ringed with food and drink stalls and is the centre of Carnaval activity – and very late dancing each night.

Tuesday 10 March – Splendour  and suspense as the Infant Carnaval Queen is chosen between outbreaks of music and dance. Starts at 9 pm.
Thursday 12 March – The crowning glory as the senior Carnaval Queen is chosen. The costumes are wild and so big they are on metal frames with little wheels. The showground will start filling long before the 9 pm start but there’s plenty of room.


Los Cristianos carnival


Friday 13 March – Eat, drink, and be Mary at the outrageous Drag Queen Gala at the showground, followed by the nightly late partying. This year there is a DJ zone for the less formal dancing, it cranks up at 11 pm outside the Los Cristianos Cultural Centre on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 March.


Los Cristianos carnival


Saturday 14 March – The Day Carnaval gives all ages the chance to have fun, the showground has international dance music acts from noon and a fancy dress competition takes place at the old beach Plaza del Pescadora (look for the fisherwoman’s statue) from 5 pm. Normally the loudest and latest of the nights.

Sunday 15 March – Classic cars will gather from 11 am to 2 pm at the showground, the Arona Municipal Band perform outside the Cultural Centre at noon but everyone is biding time for the Coso parade from Arona Gran Hotel at 4 pm. It’s a long, slow, undulating route in the hottest part of the day so load up with sun cream and water as the floats crawl from Guaza Mountain to the Centro Cultural.


Burial of the Sardine


Monday 16 March – The Sardine Funeral can be a bit of a squeeze as the huge model sardine is carried, dragged, and swerved from the Centro Cultural at 8 pm to the old beach a good couple of hours later to be burnt. Avenida de Suecia and the church plaza are always tightly congested and maybe not the best spots for little children or those not so good on their feet. The humour and mourners costumes are very adult so bear that in mind.

If you are coming into Los Cristianos on the big nights, parking spaces are rarer than a quiet sound system and getting away can take ages – maybe a good time to get a Titsa bus in or have a drink or meal until the main rush subsides.

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