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Mon, October 14th, 2013 - By Colin

Bucket, spade, lilo, or Frisbee, they are all good ways of having fun at the beach but Tenerife can offer many different diversions. A walk along the promenade at Los Cristianos will provide some reasonably priced fun for all the family.

The Iceberg is at the Playa de Las Americas end of Las Vistas beach, an inflatable fun park moored just a few metres off the shore.  There are two icebergs with climbing holds all the way up as well as a selection of inflatable friends to rock on, clamber on, or bounce on.


The Iceberg, Playa de Las Americas


The cost of this diversion is 6 euros an hour or 10 euros a day, children under 14 have to wear a life jacket and have an adult to keep an eye on them. A team member patrols the outer edges in a small boat and the payment tent is on the beach a few metres away so you can get on with your fun in safety. The iceberg is open from 10am to 7pm daily.

Heading along the sea front to the far end of Los Cristianos old beach, home of the ferries and fishermen, the newest attraction is the Arona Beach Park.


Arona Beach Park


Set up just past the sailing school, this is a great place to kick off your shoes and bounce up and down on the trampolines or the Super Bounce. It’s safe and exhilarating and one of the most unusual ways to get a birds eye view of the long stretch of Los Cristianos coast. There is padding around the trampolines and a harness ensures the Superbouncer brings you back to earth safely. The cost won’t make your wallet leap either, 2 euros buys 10 minutes on a trampoline or 5 euros secures 7 minutes on the Super Bouncer and trampoline. At first the park will be open from 4pm to later but within weeks will be open all day, there will also be added extras like a merry go round.


Mini golf, Los Cristianos


If you want something a little more sedate, how about the Mini Golf a few steps further along as Las Tarajales beach and Guaza mountain loom into view? There’s plenty to test your skills over the 16 holes from windmills to castles, you just need to thread the ball through the openings, up the ramps, and eventually into the hole. It’s a classic family favourite that brings out the competitive spirit and there’s an enchanting view out to sea so no nudging your ball nearer the target as your opponent watches the ferries glide into port. Open daily from 10.30 until late it’s 4 euros for adults, and 3 euros for children or pensioners.

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