Frozen Yoghurt, Doughnuts & Trends on Tenerife

Fri, March 15th, 2013 - By Jack Montgomery

Shortly after we arrived on Tenerife we were driven around by an estate agent who bemoaned the fact that when someone came up with a good idea on Tenerife, everyone else soon copied them. At that point the trending idea was to open an inmobiliaria (estate agent). Prior to that it was clothes shops.

Walking through Puerto de la Cruz on the way to watch football the other day I was reminded of his words.


Frozen Yoghurt, Tenerife

Nearly two years ago Andy returned from Benidorm raving about a taste sensation she’d tried; frozen yoghurt from llaollao’s. Apparently people queued day and night for their frozen yoghurt hit. She was gutted to find that llaollao hadn’t reached Tenerife yet.

Jump forward a few months to carnival in Santa Cruz and as we’re walking back to the car we spot our first Tenerife frozen yoghurt outlet. It wasn’t llaollao but at least someone on Tenerife had cottoned on to the appeal of frozen yoghurt.

Now jump forward again to the present time and there appears to be bright, modern and colourful frozen yoghurt outlets on every other street in some of Tenerife’s bigger towns. Not only that, they all seem to have adopted names which involve a combination of letters that makes it different to say without sounding as though you’ve been kicked in the jaw by a horse. There’s also usually an umlaut in there somewhere as well.
Some marketing whizz kid might think this is smart and trendy, I find it just makes it impossible to remember their names.


Frozen Yoghurt Franchise, Tenerife

So in Los Cristianos and La Orotava you’ll find Ö!MyGood whilst in Puerto de la Cruz and Playa de las Américas your mouth will be simultaneously treated and challenged by Smöoy. Thankfully in Santa Cruz there’s a shop whose name is more along the lines of ‘say what you see’, Yogurtlandia.

You could say the Tinerfeños have finally woken up to the irresistible appeal of frozen yoghurt. Unfortunately, as my estate agent friend pointed out all those years ago, they’ve all woken up at the same time.

At the same time as frozen yoghurt outlets have been on the rise, an alternative tastebud treat has been trending with small, modern locales decked out in bold primary colours springing up in some of the island’s streets and shopping centres.


Oko Doughnuts, Tenerife

Tenerife’s doughnut world has been given a contemporary makeover by the likes of Öko (note the umlaut) in La Villa in La Orotava where sexy and fun ‘proper’ doughnuts positively scream ‘eat me’. At a couple of euros for a doughnut and coffee, it’s a cry that’s difficult to resist.

So far I’ve been more impressed with Öko’s offerings than any of the frozen yoghurts I’ve sampled but, as Andy always points out, I’ve haven’t tried llaollao’s yet.

It would seem there’s still room for one more frozen yoghurt chain on Tenerife.

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  1. Colin Kirby says:

    Fish spas are out and frozen yoghurt shops are in – let’s hope there is no connection.

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