Food Heaven At Paradise Park

Fri, October 5th, 2012 - By Colin

I used to be decisive but faced with a delicious hot and cold spread of delights at Restaurant Tenerife in Paradise Park Resort & Spa, I found my choices changing as I surveyed the sea of serving areas in the open plan buffet. Just up the hill from Los Cristianos in Avenida San Francisco and just down the road from my home, I had always heard glowing reports from holiday makers and local residents, now was the time for some long overdue indulgence.

Paradise Park Hotel buffet


There was a nice buzz of conversation in the hall as my friend and I were led to our table by our waiter. Something light to start with, the salad display was fresh and expansive and got half our vote while the warm aroma of the thick mushroom soup grabbed my attention as soon as I lifted the lid of the large pot. A selection of white and brown rolls and I was up and running.

Paradise Park Hotel buffet


The restaurant layout was spacious and welcoming with the food stations separated and spread out to ensure a sedate pace of selection rather than queuing. Weaving our way around the hot choices, chicken legs in a mild tasty sauce were a popular choice but the paella, pasta, and fish made equally strong claims. Healthy options were in good supply, cold meats, a wide range of vegetables, and plenty of sauces and relish and the Canarian potatoes were on top form.

Paradise Park Hotel buffet


The restaurant was bustling on a tourist changeover night and the staff were constantly topping up the hot plates to keep the choice varied and tempting. Being a growing lad I was drawn to the sizzling open kitchen section and as my powers of decision wavered again I tried some beef and gammon with just a sprinkling of chips – all very pleasing.

Paradise Park Hotel buffet


I was already calculating how many extra laps swimming I should do the next morning but a visit to the dessert area pushed that number up further. The gateaux were calling me and I had to answer, a big slice of a nut and cream work of art, a quick squirt of topping, and a shake of hundreds and thousands was just what I needed. My friend showed more restraint with some grapes and cheese, the bowls of fruit segments looked very healthy – with or without a generous dollop of one of the creams on offer.

It’s not easy to cater for all tastes but the selection and quality of food at Restaurant Tenerife ensured that everyone found plenty to please.

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2 Responses to “Food Heaven At Paradise Park”

  1. Kim says:

    What time do they serve food and what is the price please?

  2. Colin Kirby says:

    The cost is 13.50 (half price for children) and opening hours are 1 to 3 pm and 6 to 9.30 pm. Enjoy

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