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Mon, April 15th, 2013 - By Andrea Montgomery

In December 1973 to January 1974 contemporary art stamped its mark on Tenerife when Santa Cruz hosted an International Street Sculpture exhibition featuring works of art from prominent artists such as Henry Moore, Joan Miró and local boys Oscar Dominguez and José Abad. The sculptures lined the city’s pedestrian walkway of La Rambla, peppered its iconic Parque Garcia de Sanabria and made its way into the Viera y Clavijo park, changing the face of the city. Today those exhibits are still in place, augmented by many more interesting sculptures, and form the basis of a pleasant city walk taking in art and scenery as you go.


'Movil' by Francisco Sobrino


A good starting point is where La Rambla crosses Avenida de San Sebastian where, following La Rambla pedestrianised way, you encounter the red iron structure of Jose Abad which goes under the distinctly uninspired title of ‘Painted Iron Sculpture’. Looking like an oversized illustration of molecules are the red globules of ‘Movil’ by Francisco Sobrino before you take a small, detour into Parque Viera y Clavijo where you’ll find Joan Miró’s bronze ‘La Femme Bouteille’. Back on La Rambla, it isn’t long before you reach Henry Moore’s haunting ‘Guerrero Goslar’ which, after a brief stint in the TEA museum is now back in its rightful place on La Rambla.


Henry Moore 'Guerrero Goslar'


Next stop is the beautiful Parque García Sanabria which was the setting for many of the original exhibition pieces and features some wonderful pieces such as ‘The Cat’ by Óscar Dominguez, Tenerife’s most acclaimed surrealist artist born in La Laguna and raised in Tacoronte. Here you’ll also find the stainless steel ‘Estela Espacial’ by Amadeo Gabino and ‘Homenaje a Gaudi’ by Eduardo Paulozzi. Known as ‘the lungs of the city’ the park is a great place to spend some time in the city, strolling its landscaped gardens with their collection of native and exotic plants and spotting the various sculptures tucked into leafy corners.


'The Cat' by Óscar Dominguez


Back on La Rambla the striking crimson curves of ‘Lady Tenerife’ by Martin Chirino sits alongside the College of Architects and takes you to the final section of La Rambla where you can pause to enjoy the names of many of the artists featured in the exhibition along with household names such as Dalí, Michaelangelo and Rembrandt half hidden in the branches of the trees just before the junction with Avenida Francisco La Roche.


'Lady Tenerife' by Martin Chirino

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6 Responses to “Follow the Santa Cruz Sculpture Trail”

  1. Zoe Harewood says:

    Fantastic piece Andrea. Is a full version published anywhere? Would be most interested to see one with pictures of all the sculptures on that walk.
    I think there is some fabulous street art and sculpture all overTenerife. Maybe you can chronicle it all and put it in a book?

    • Hi Zoe. The Santa Cruz tourist board used to actually host sculpture trail walks but no longer do so. Jack wrote a full version of the trail for a print magazine some years ago, I’ll have a root around and see if I can dig it out and we’ll update the photos, publish it and send you an email. It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours in the city.
      I agree – there is some excellent street art and sculpture on the island…what a good idea to chronicle it, thank you 🙂

  2. Zoe Harewood says:

    And Thankyou. Hope you can find it. Looking forward to that.

  3. Davina Howard says:

    Could I have one too please. I see these statues and sculptures but know nothing about them. I am particularly interested in the ones in Candelaria by the church, and the odd one commenorating battles in the north and the stories attached.

  4. Davina Howard says:

    There is also a ‘Sculpture Park’ in San Isidro privately owned with 50 or so exhibits by artists from all over the world in different materials.

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