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Wed, October 21st, 2015 - By Linda

Although mobile phone roaming charges throughout the EU have been brought down considerably over the last couple of years, it can still be expensive if you connect every day. Facebook and Instagram have replaced postcards, and with many of us needing to stay connected to work even on holiday, reliable WiFi has become essential.

Hotel WiFi is notoriously unreliable, and in some cases, more expensive than your roaming charges. So, how do you connect?


Café, El Médano


If you are staying in or visiting El Médano, the answer is luckily simple. Perhaps because tourism here is different to other parts of Tenerife, the chances of enjoying that happy combination of working or internet surfing whilst enjoying good food, drink and sunshine is plentiful. Although the town’s atmosphere is most definitely laid back, when it comes to modern technology the trendy bars have free and dependable WiFi.

Personally, as someone who works from home, sometimes a change of scene is stimulating, and I’m lucky to be able to stroll into town and choose from a number of favourite eateries. I’m sure to find windsurfers and travellers tapping away too.


Veinte 04, El Médano


Veinte 04 is my favourite El Médano bar, not only for its great food and service, but also for its free WiFi. Situated on the main square, passers-by usually sit on the outside tables, but daytime, those in the know head straight for the quirky interior for peace and connection.

Recently opened and adjoining Veinte 04 is Oso, which combines original food and super-friendly service with fast and free WiFi.


WiFi in El Médano


If you stroll down the board-walk to watch the windsurfers, you’ll see WiFi signs on several establishments. Avoid Café M, where a query about WiFi will meet with a brusque “no.” Obviously not in their philosophy, although it’s a popular meeting place for older visitors.  Carry on to Agua Café, though, where the reception is warmer and the WiFi excellent (although the food is a bit mundane, sadly), or to Flashpoint the surfer dude hangout, where the food is as cool as the atmosphere, and send your photos of the surfers in real time.


Windsurfers, El Médano


Manfred’s Soul Bar, La Boheme and the apparently nameless bar on the main street, the first bar as you enter El Médano, are others. Some don’t have that welcome sign, so it’s worth asking, but be prepared for a knock back….there are some which resent folk surfing the internet whilst sipping their coffee, but happily they are rare here.

If you don’t have your own device to connect, there are two locutorios, places which offer internet and other office services, like photocopying or printing. One is in the wee maze of streets between the sea and the high street, and has a huge, orange sign saying simply ‘internet’, and the other on the narrow side street between the restaurants off the main square.

The famous Hotel Médano has WiFi in its rooms but I am informed that like most hotel connections, it isn’t that great. That said, other local hotels and hostels offer internet connections in specific zones or not at all. Far nicer to trot into town and log on with the sun on your face and a drink in your hand, or even with a delicious meal or snack!

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