Finding a Tranquil Spot on Tenerife’s Resort Beaches

Mon, May 14th, 2012 - By Jack Montgomery

There’s no way to write this without annoying those of you in Britain who are huddled in your houses experiencing chilly May weather. It’s seriously hot in Tenerife. We’re talking ‘place a paddling pool under my nose and it’ll soon be filled with sweat’ hot.

Temperatures are usually perfect at this time of year but over the last week they’ve reached sizzling summer levels. When the weather gets this hot the call of the beach is deafening. On Tenerife there are plenty of playas waiting to answer that call, including natural black sand beauties, immaculate, golden man-made marvels and quiet charming coves.


But supposing you want to mix it up a little; suppose you fancy laying out the towel on a beach that is close to a resort area but has a bit less of purpose-built vibe and and a bit more of a natural one?

Here are a few suggestions of beaches where you can do just that.

Puerto de la Cruz
Playa Jardín, the main beach in Puerto de la Cruz lies between the town and Punta Brava so doesn’t have a built-up resort feel to it anyway. Head to the Punta Brava end of the beach and it feels even more like a small town beach with the added bonus of exotic cries from the inmates of Loro Parque directly behind the beach.

Los Cristianos
Playa Los Cristianos is a less manicured affair than Playa las Vistas which links the resort with Playa de las Américas. Stroll in the direction of Montaña Guaza to bask in the company of waddling sea birds instead of waddling holidaymakers.


Puerto Santiago
Sandwiched between Playa de la Arena and Los Gigantes, Puerto Santiago’s ‘hidden’ beach is a great little sandy spot in an area where good beach space is at a premium.

Playa San Juan
Playa San Juan is still in its infancy in resort terms, so anywhere on the beach will guarantee a tranquil bit of sun time. Banana plantations, bougainvillea and an old lime kiln supply a picturesque backdrop.

The relatively unknown northern resort of Bajamar is known for its surfing and sea pool but the harbour beach has a certain sheltered charm; plus its got an Anaga Mountain frame that is difficult to beat in scenic terms.

El Médano
Just about all of El Médano’s beach space has a chilled-out feel. The closer to Montaña Roja you get, the more chance you’ll have of finding a dune to yourself. However, watch out for the lesser-spotted, bare-buttocked dune crawler who is often spotted in this habitat.


Costa Adeje
Playa del Duque exudes a chic and very different vibe from other Costa Adeje beaches although the sand in front of the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque can become seriously overcrowded. Simply head west for more space on a playa that has a touch of the Caribbean about it.

Playa de las Américas
Its position means it’s never going to be totally tranquil. But Playa del Camisón in the swish part of Playa de las Américas offers a palm-tree backed beach scene that feels more like it is located in an exclusive and quite charming small resort than in the heart of Tenerife’s tourist land.

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