Where to Find the Best of the Sunshine on Tenerife

Wed, January 4th, 2012 - By Jack Montgomery

Whenever I read anything about Tenerife that claims the sun shines in the same location on Tenerife 365 days a year, you can be almost certain the author is probably trying to sell you a holiday in a particular resort by exaggerating the sunny weather quota.

The sun might shine more in Tenerife than in most places on this planet, but there isn’t a resort on the island south, east, west or north where it shines for 365 days a year.

However, what isn’t an exaggeration is that the sun does actually shine somewhere on Tenerife during most of  those 365 days. And if sun, sun and more sun is your main motivation for hitting these sun-kissed shores then here are a few tips to seeking the big golden orb out if grey skies threaten.

Which Resorts Enjoy the Most Sunshine on Tenerife?
Despite popular belief, the south coast of Tenerife isn’t necessarily the sunniest – that accolade generally falls to the east and the west.



Sunshine might be the default setting for Playa de las Américas, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje but they all have quite a few cloudy days in the course of a year. If the cloud blots out the sun in these resorts, a quick jaunt eastwards towards El Médano, Golf del Sur, Costa del Silencio or even to the capital, Santa Cruz can result in a change of weather. In eight years of living on Tenerife there have been many,many times when I’ve driven along a sunshine soaked east coast to find cloudier weather on the south west side of Montaña Guaza beside Los Cristianos but rarely the other way around.

It’s similar with the resorts on the far south west coast. Los Gigantes/Puerto Santiago and Playa de la Arena often are bathed in sunshine when there’s cloud in the resorts to the south.

What About Cloud in the North?
The north coast does have more cloud than the south, east or west…but relatively speaking; sunshine is still the main setting. However, if Puerto de la Cruz lies under cloudy skies there are a couple of sunnier options.
Puntilla del Sol along the coast was given that name for a reason. It often sits in sunshine when everywhere else is grey. Santa Cruz is only a 20 minute drive away and the city is often bathed in sunshine when the north coast isn’t.



The coolest sun-spot though lies through a magic tunnel at Buenavista del Norte on the road to Punto Teno. It’s possible to enter the tunnel under black clouds and emerge the other side under blue skies. Prepare to be amazed.

And if All Coasts are Cloudy?
Simple; head up, up and away. Mount Teide National Park might not be sunny 365 days of the year but it’s damn close.
This is about as ‘sunshine guaranteed’ as it gets. Emerging from a sea of clouds into clear blue skies en route to one of the World’s great volcanic landscapes is one of those unforgettable WOW travel moments.

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3 Responses to “Where to Find the Best of the Sunshine on Tenerife”

  1. Rolf Richardson says:

    Interested in your Tenerife weather comments, especially your advice to head for the hills top get above the clouds. However, Tenerife does get the occasional winter storm, when Teide must be seriously off-limits: any idea how often this happens?

  2. Serious storms don’t happen often and not every year. The change of seasons around November and then February/March are the times when the weather is at its most unpredictable.
    There are nearly always weather alerts in advance. These also warn about heavy rain and heatwaves as well, so always worth checking official forecasts just in case before heading into the hills. But it’s rare that Teide is out of bounds. Snow/ice around Jan/Feb is usually the main culprit when some roads can be closed for a few days above a certain altitude.
    Overall though, it’s not a problem even in winter months.

  3. Raluca P. says:

    I am looking to rent an apartment in Tenerife, for one month in January 2014. Can you please advise which is the warmest and sunniest area in that period? I am not looking for night life but for relaxing and canarian feeling. I would like to avoid the most comercial cities/towns, like Playa de las Americas. Thanks!

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