Feel And Taste The Sea At El Timon

Wed, July 31st, 2013 - By Colin

Where’s the sea view? That’s one question you won’t ever hear at bar restaurant El Timon in El Medano. On one side is the busy passageway of Calle Marcial Garcia connecting the hub of the town to the mini fisherman’s quay and on the other the sea laps at the wall just below the bottom terrace. I popped in tempted by the array of choices on the menu of the day and the tapas selection.


El Timon, El Medano


The inside bar has some seating but even on a rare dull afternoon I was drawn to the narrow stone terraces. I settled on the lower one, the tide was just beginning to come in and the gentle thud of the waves was reassuring. Most of the expected choices of fish and chicken were there with some unusual variations like tuna or seafood sausage on the tapas menu and sardine fritters on the main menu. I fancied cherne but in its absence went for tuna and Canarian potatoes.


El Timon, El Medano

The narrow terrace was very deceptive, it was two tables wide and there were plenty of takers coming and going. Leaning out on the rail I could see the old English style pier that holds the Hotel El Medano and looking the other way there was still a small envelope of beach unclaimed by the encroaching waves and a little further bathers entered the sea from in between small peeling fishing boats.

The waitress nimbly brought my coffee and food, there was a good sized bowl of Canarian potatoes with the usual hot or milder mojo sauce so naturally I drenched them in both. The tuna wasn’t shy and filled most of its plate next to a generous helping of salad. I’m just about on nodding terms with salad but enjoyed the sweetcorn and lettuce.


El Timon, El Medano


By now the tide was getting a bit stronger, other times I have seen the lower terrace empty as it splashed a bit too high but craning my neck I was curious to pop up to the top terrace. The tight stone steps emerged near the doorway to the even tighter kitchen space, they certainly make full use of all the limited room. Just beyond that there was a large eating area set back from those enjoying the higher view across the bay, today the wind was taking a breather and stand up paddle surfers glided by.


El Timon, El Medano


I popped back down and my place had already been filled, I had finished. They have a fast turnover even though they are surrounded on three sides by other bar restaurants. The food was great value at seven euros for the menu of the day and my sticky hands were only kept away from a pastry finish by the need to get my bus. It’s a lovely place to eat not just because of the closeness to the sea and the views but also because it has such a different lay out.

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