My Favourite Tenerife Hotel Breakfasts

Mon, July 27th, 2015 - By Andrea Montgomery

Whether you’re a fresh fruit fan, a cereal cruncher or a bacon buff, kicking the day off with a good breakfast is an essential part of the Tenerife holiday experience. Having notched up a not-inconsiderable number of Tenerife hotel stays over the past couple of years, these are some of the breakfast buffet choices that have stood out for me. Feel free to add your own.



Healthy hotel breakfasts
I always make a beeline for the fresh fruits, cereals and juices section of the breakfast buffet and like nothing better than to start my day the healthy way. These are my current favourite selections of cereals, nuts, seeds, yoghurts, smoothies and fresh fruits.

Hotel Botanico in Puerto de la Cruz offers a mind blowing selection of healthy options and prepares fresh smoothies to order. There are more nuts and seeds than you’ll find in the average squirrel’s larder and as many cereal choices as a well stocked supermarket.


Breakfast cereals, Hotel Botanico, Puerto de la Cruz


Iberostar Grand Hotel El Mirador in Costa Adeje has a smoothie bar that’s as difficult to walk away from as a free bar at a wedding, and its fresh fruit selection is mouthwatering too. Talking of fruit, the Jardín Tropical provides an excellent choice of exotic fruits, all beautifully prepared in bite-sized chunks. Adding half a dozen varieties of milk and yoghurts as well as fresh berries to the healthy mix, Vincii Plantación del Sur is right up there as one of my faves too.

Cooked hotel breakfasts
There are times when it’s impossible to stroll past those show cooking kitchens with their freshly made omelettes and fluffy waffles en route to the cereals. The overall standard of cooked food in the breakfast buffet in Tenerife hotels is, in my opinion, very good. So when I list my personal favourites, it’s because they’re exceptional.


Eggs Benedict & Eggs Ranchero at Hotel Europe Villa Cortes


Just a couple of mornings ago I enjoyed breakfast at the Europe Villa Cortés Hotel in Playa de Las Américas which has now set the bar gastronomically sky high. Every morsel of food that passed my lips at the Villa Cortés was nothing less than superb but the Eggs Benedict and Eggs Ranchero prepared by chef Diego Maderna reached whole new levels of deliciousness.  Red Level in the Hotel Gran Melia Palacio de Isora cooks an Eggs Benedict that will have you unashamedly licking the plate, and plain old scrambled eggs have never tasted better to me than at the San Roque Hotel in Garachico.

Continental hotel breakfasts
Anyone can lay out slices of processed cheese and boiled ham at the breakfast buffet but some hotels go the extra distance in providing cold breakfast selections that would entice even the most dedicated bacon and eggs aficionado.


Cheese selection at Costa Adeje Gran Hotel


My current favourites are the Iberostar Anthelia Hotel, the Royal Garden Villas and the Costa Adeje Gran Hotel, all in Costa Adeje, and all serving a saliva-inducing selection of cheeses, cold meats, preserves, Spanish and Canarian traditional treats, breads and pastries. Special mention in the cakes and pastries department goes to the chocolate doughnuts at the Vincii Plantación del Sur, the cakes at The Las Cañadas Parador which is not the place to go if you’re on a diet, and the Hotel Botánico for its decadent breakfast chocolate fountain.


Breakfast buffet at Royal Garden Villas, Costa Adeje

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