My Favourite Places for Eating Out in Puerto de la Cruz

Fri, July 24th, 2015 - By Jack Montgomery

Whenever we eat out, which is a lot as eating out on Tenerife isn’t an expensive business, we generally like to try restaurants where we haven’t eaten before.

Generally, but not always. There are favourite places we return to again and again, especially when we have friends or family visiting and we want a guaranteed good experience.

These are my top spots for eating out in Puerto de la Cruz.


Coffee at Ebano Café, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Morning Coffee and Cake: Ebano Café
You can find better coffee and cakes in Puerto de la Cruz, but you won’t find them in as good a setting. Ebano Café is located in an elegant town-house next to Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Peña de la Francia on lovely Plaza de la Iglesia. It’s great for people watching, reading the newspaper or just enjoying one of the prettiest plazas on Tenerife.

Leisurely Lunch: El Patio
I’m a sucker for eating in plazas. Whilst Plaza del Charco is the beautiful, bustling hub of the town, Plaza Benito Perez Galdez in the adjacent Ranilla district is simply a pleasant, tranquil plaza which feels just that little bit off the beaten track. The food at El Patio is nicely presented and shows creativity. It’s a great spot for a long, sunny lunch.


Ice Cream, Freddino, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Afternoon Snack: Freddino Helado Artesanal
Sitting at the back of Plaza Charco (yes, another plaza), Freddino has become our fist choice for an ice cream stop in the town. Their homemade ice cream gets the thumbs up from varying generations of visitors. The only downside is the selection of ice cream and other goodies is so extensive, it’s a nightmare trying to choose.

Tapas Dinner: Tasca El Olivo
Being on Calle Iriarte, near Plaza del Charco, El Olivo is overlooked by those who stick to the popular tourist streets in Puerto de la Cruz. Even though the town has the best choice of tapas restaurants on the island (in my opinion) we return to El Olivo time and time again thanks to the friendliness of the owners and the great tapas. Their octopus with mash potato is one of my favourite tapa dishes and I’ve yet to eat a better pulpo dish anywhere.


Pulpo and potatoes, Tasca El Olivo, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Going Local: Cofradia de Pescadores
Lots of fishing communities have a cofradia de pescadores (fishermen’s guild), Puerto’s is one of the snazziest and is set in a renovated old town house which occupies a fantastic location overlooking the nicest harbour on Tenerife. Don’t expect anything fancy, fish and seafood is simply prepared and served with no real attempts to beautify it. This really is for lovers of fruits of the sea and not for those who don’t like their fish to look like fish.

Special Occasion: La Rosi di Bari
Located in the heart of the Ranilla district Rosa di Bari is simply an exquisite looking Italian restaurant which serves homemade pasta in delicious sauces; this is one for an elegantly, romantic meal. We recently took one of our best friends to La Rosi di Bari and were promptly told off for not taking her to the restaurant before (she visits us a lot). You’d expect a place which looks like this to be expensive, it isn’t.


Fish and papas arrugadas, Cofradia de Pescadores, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


I just have to re-iterate, these are my personal favourites… at the moment. Ask me again in a year and I can guarantee some will have changed.

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  1. dinah mcalees says:

    thanks. will try them all!

  2. Linda says:

    I should have asked you before lunching & snacking there a few weeks ago! I was with an elderly friend, so walking too far wasn’t on, and we stuck to the “tourist” route. Actually lunch was ok but the snack, in a very well-known place, was just awful!

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