My Five Favourite Places to Eat in Los Cristianos

Mon, September 12th, 2011 - By Linda

Holiday dining can make or break a vacation. There is no shortage of eateries in Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas or Costa Adeje. Making the right choices, however, is where a little local knowledge helps. Tenerife is far from the gastronomic wilderness it once was. Finding good, non-traditional food outside Santa Cruz or La Laguna was difficult when I first arrived on the island, but these days we’re spoilt for choice.

Los Cristianos’ main streets are lined with restaurants and bars, and choosing must seem impossible if you don’t know your way around, so here are some of my favourites. Two quality restaurants, one basic and two snackeries; what all have in common, other than great food, is that you will find local people, both ex-pats and Canarian, eating there.

1. If you like meat, the best place in the south of the island for me is Parrilla Argentina Gardel on the side of Montaña Chayofita overlooking St George Apartments. They serve Argentinean steaks so tasty and tender they really do melt in your mouth. The owners Sebas and Andrea cook and supervise everything personally and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. For me it’s impossible not to eat steak there, but friends like the vegetarian lasagne too. Oh, and their flan is to-die-for – so leave room!

2. Rincon de Arroz. This is a bit tucked away but easy to find, a couple of minutes from the bus station, near the post office. Its name means The Rice Corner and specialities are rice dishes, paella being only one of a delicious selection, and their menu is by no means limited to rice. The last meal I ate there was a fragrant gazpacho followed by tuna seared to a perfection I didn’t know possible, accompanied by roasted vegetables. Décor is traditionally Spanish and all dining is indoors.

3. Neither of the above restaurants is terribly expensive. They aren’t the cheapest either and they do represent great value for quality food, but if you are looking for simple, food on a budget then El Ciné is the answer. Just behind the town’s main beach, plastic chairs and tables are crammed to capacity and you will often find a queue, such is its reputation. There isn’t even a menu; the waiter will simply tell you what they have. Favourites are grilled sardines or chicken wings washed down with really chilled beers. My ideal time to eat there is very early dinnertime, straight from the beach, sand still between my toes, and before the crowds.

4. If you’re looking for somewhere for a snack or for an early breakfast El Artesano (known locally as “The French Baker”) opposite the walkway to the Post Office, will have you drooling over their display. Their selection of cakes is the best in the south, their quiches melt in the mouth and their croissants taste just the way they do in France. They also do a delicious selection of sandwiches, rolls, panini and breads, and excellent coffee.

5. Finally, Cosas Ricas opposite the bus station. Here you will find pastries (both sweet and savoury), sandwiches, slices of pizza and other appetizing tidbits, and Cosas Ricas is open 24 hours for you night- owls.

All I can say now is Buen Provecho!

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