My Favourite El Médano Bar

Wed, November 12th, 2014 - By Linda

I’m spoilt for choice in my home town. El Médano is lucky to have several bars which I really like for one reason or another, but when I put all the elements that draw me to a place together, the one with it all is Veinte 04.

I was away when this town centre bar opened its doors two years ago. There had always been a bar there, right on the corner of the main town square, but it had never been anything out of the ordinary. I was tickled pink by the décor when I “rediscovered” it.


Veinte 04, El Médano


Surfboards, skateboards, posters and all sorts of funky bric a brac line its walls, and instead of matching, uniform furniture it has a slightly ramshackle, California surf shack look, really inviting you to relax and enjoy. I lived far too long in northwest England’s damp climate for the novelty of eating outdoors to wear off, even after 20+ years, but in Veinte 04 I actually prefer to be indoors – although that does mean that I miss out on the view of Montaña Roja across the bay.



And then, there is the food – if I tell you that pals of mine come from Costa del Silencio and Playa de las Americas just for the burgers, then you get an idea. The menu is original and modern, and there are (at last count) seven different kinds of burger, from a spicy-but-not-too-much Tex Mex to a yummy veggie burger, which I have no problem recommending to vegetarian friends. There is always a novel and flavourful dish of the day, and as much as possible is sourced locally, meaning even the delicious vegetable garnishes are fresh and tasty.


Veggie burger


Veinte 04 is not New Agey, but ingredients are as ecological and homegrown as it is practical to buy. I swooned over the creamy sheep’s yoghurt served with local honey and fruits, but there is also an “Australian Breakfast” which includes hash browns, bacon and sausages (note to self: must try!). Breakfast is served from 10am to 1pm when the lunch/dinner menu kicks in, but includes savoury rolls and a couple of ample brunch plates, as well as traditional Spanish favourites like tosta with tomate or jamon serrano.

The bar quickly became an integral part of the community, attracting retired couples and young mums (the local toddler’s playground is just alongside), as well as the trendy and sporty crowds, the latter especially at night. Daytime you often find locals or surf dudes taking advantage of the free wifi, over a proper, full-size coffee and a slice of delicious cake.


Healthy breakfast


Every Thursday night there is live jazz, something less easy to find in the south of Tenerife than you might think. They have also joined enthusiastically in local events like fiestas, carnival and food fairs.

Food and surroundings are less appealing if you don’t have good service, and smiles and a willingness to help are in abundant supply too, all of which makes me really happy and confident to recommend Veinte 04 to people of any age and background.

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  1. Shaun says:

    Looks like a really cool place 🙂

  2. Anita says:

    Looks great…When I make it to Tenerife, this looks like a wonderful option…will definitely try for a jazzy Thursday!

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