Five Fabulous Winter Views of Mount Teide

Sat, December 31st, 2011 - By Andrea Montgomery

Despite numerous letters to Santa Claus, a White Christmas did not materialise on Tenerife this year. Instead the sun insisted on shining almost relentlessly, the thermometer at the coast refuses to drop below 20ºC during daylight hours and the peak of Mount Teide remains, as I type, completely snow free.

But this week’s weather forecast is predicting snow on the mountain and anyone visiting over the next couple of months is likely to witness Teide taking on her winter white mantle. When she does, you might want to grab the camera and take one of those incredible shots that separates the Canary Islands from much of the rest of the globe – tropical sun and alpine snow cheek by jowl.

Here are my tips for taking Teide’s best winter profile.

Santiago del Teide. If you’re staying in Los Gigantes, Playa de la Arena, Puerto Santiago or along the west coast of Costa Adeje, take the TF82 that zigzags its way above the coast to Santiago del Teide and on towards Icod de Los Vinos. As the road snakes out of Valle de Arriba there are a couple of lay-bys from which you get a grandstand view of Mount Teide and Pico Viejo (the old peak) with the valley spread out below. At the top of the road, just before you drop down towards Las Fleytas restaurant, there’s a sharp (and blind) left turn up a small slope to a dirt track. From here you can go in for the close-up with the added bonus of the glittering Erjos Pools and the emerald pine forest in the picture. Eat your heart out Julie Andrews.

Icod de Los Vinos. Continue along the TF5 until it becomes the TF42, skirting the hacienda-filled coastline towards Icod de Los Vinos. As you reach the little hamlet of Santa Catalina, the cliffs of the coast give way to the spectacular sight of Mount Teide and Pico Viejo dominating the horizon. Take a short detour into Icod and add the famous Millenium Drago Tree to the memory stick.

Puerto de la Cruz. Seeing Mount Teide at her best doesn’t have to involve a journey if you’re staying in Puerto de la Cruz. Just head to Playa Jardín and before you get too comfortable, turn around and capture one of the most distinctive images of Tenerife that has graced holiday advertisements since Queen Victoria was on the throne – snow covered mountain in the background with sun soaked, black sand beach and palm trees in the foreground.

The North Coast. Take the TF5 motorway out of Santa Cruz towards Puerto de la Cruz, and beyond La Matanza the La Orotava Valley opens up so you see Mount Teide in its true perspective. It’s a Yes album cover moment that never ceases to leave me wide eyed in wonder. Stop off at the Los Lavaderos park in El Sauzal and enjoy the spectacle at leisure over a pot of Turkish tea.

Teide National Park. Drop the perspective and go for the drama. Because Teide National Park is the closest thing on Earth to the surface of the moon, it’s the testing ground for scientific lunar instruments, equipment and vehicles. When winter fills the crater and the peak with snow which glistens beneath a tropical sky, walking on the Moon becomes a truly ‘out of this world’ experience.

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