Four Fab Hotel Buffets on Tenerife

Wed, October 17th, 2012 - By Jack Montgomery

Hotel buffets can sometimes trigger memories of school dinners and a lot of queueing for mass produced food that is more functional than enjoyable. If you’re a foodie, they can often be a bit of a let down; at best unadventurous and bland, at worst downright unpleasant.

However, it doesn’t need to be like that. On Tenerife there are hotels that don’t view buffets as simply an excuse to treat their guests like farm animals by dishing up cheap, unappetising fare without much thought or innovation.

Here are four fab Tenerife hotel buffets that won’t disappoint.


Breakfast buffet at Hotel Botanico, Tenerife


Hotel Botanico, Puerto de la Cruz
Apart from the stylish surroundings, seriously tropical with animal carvings and a lush aviary filled with exotic birds, the breakfast buffet at the Hotel Botanico in Puerto de la Cruz is pure class. There’s oodles of choice from cold meats, cereals and pastries to fresh, hot options, juices and a chocolate fountain. They even supply their own mini newspaper for you to mull over whilst you tuck into buttery croissants. It’s a first class hotel with a breakfast buffet to match.


Buffet at Hotel Barceló Santiago, Tenerife


Hotel Barceló Santiago, Puerto Santiago
The Hotel Barceló Santiago exudes bags of style and the buffet reflects this. There’s lots of attractively creative looking nibbles that just shout ‘eat me’. What’s particularly nice is the way the buffet is laid out with arty displays of pasta and crocodiles made out of bread; it shows that the kitchen staff take a lot of pride in what they do, and that usually means you get good nosh as well.

Hotel Las Águilas, Puerto de la Cruz
The biggest problem with the buffet at the Hotel Las Águilas is that there’s just too much to choose from. The food feels freshly made and designed to suit a range of different nationalities. So you end up with dishes aimed at the Spanish guests who make up the bulk of guests at weekends and the summer as well as ones that are more familiar to the Northern Europeans who dominate during winter months. Breakfast is particularly good with a choice of more cheeses than you’d find in a specialist cheese shop; bacon, sausage and eggs; fruits and cereals… and that Spanish breakfast favourite, churros with chocolate. As a bonus, you regularly get views of Mount Teide joining you for brekkers.


Churros and Chocolate, Hotel Las Aguilas, Tenerife


Hotel A. Isabel, Costa Adeje
Hotel A.Isabel has one of my favourite Tenerife hotel buffets for a number of reasons. Unlike a lot of hotels, you actually get a decent choice of good Spanish cuisine as well as international fare; they manage to keep the food fresh, hot and tasty; plus the waiting staff are incredibly efficient. I was there in August when it was packed out with families; it could have been a nightmare but the staff kept the restaurant moving along smoothly and the high number of guests just wasn’t a problem . The icing on the cake is they have bottles of rum and liqueurs beside the ice creams; perfect for perking up your postres (desserts).

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    Bitacora hotel buffet is worth mentioning here , great buffet and great hotel too

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