Exploring the Anaga Mountains

Wed, October 19th, 2011 - By Andrea Montgomery

Covering the north east tip of Tenerife from Santa Cruz in the east to Tenerife’s most northerly tip of Roque de Fuera and spilling down to meet Punta del Hidalgo on the north coast, the Anaga Mountains are at the other end of Tenerife’s map and a world apart from the resorts of the south.



Exploring the Anaga Mountains is akin to stepping into a time machine and seeing what Tenerife was like long before the advent of tourism. Except that it’s not a time machine, it’s here and now. One of the most populated areas on the island in pre-Hispanic times, the steep ravines and abundant rainfall offered deep caves for dwellings and good grazing for livestock – both of which remain in evidence today.

Driving to the Anaga Mountains from Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje and Playa de Las Américas seems like an epic journey but is actually no more than an hour’s drive along the TF1 motorway to Santa Cruz and then along the coastal road to the fishing village of San Andrés – gateway to the Anagas. The road twists and turns its way into the peaks where jaw-dropping views open up and small rural restaurants entice you with sunny tables and the aroma of fresh coffee and doughnuts.



Following the TF12 takes you up onto the spine of the Anagas from where you can detour off on smaller roads to explore mountain villages such as Taganana which was an important agricultural centre for the guanche, Tenerife’s first settlers, and still cultivates excellent vines. The Taganana road continues into the small coastal village of Roque de las Bodegas, a popular spot for coach tour fish lunches, before continuing to the surfer’s beach of Benijo.

Back on the TF12 the road winds its way towards La Laguna, notching up more stunning views with Roque de Taborno on the horizon and taking you to one of the best viewpoints on Tenerife – Pico del Inglés. Just beyond, a turn off onto the TF145 takes you through a dramatic mountainside drive to the village of Los Carboneras and from there to the end of the road at Chinamada where the villagers live in cave houses.



Outside Mercedes the road splits and you can either continue into La Laguna to explore the old capital or you can take the TF13 which travels through the hot house flowers centre of Tejina and the picturesque village of Tegueste before dropping down to the coastal resorts of Bajamar and Punta Del Hidalgo.

Return to the modern face of your resort and hotel and tell me it doesn’t feel like your camera is filled with images of an entirely different island. I bet you can’t.

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