What do Expats Really Think About Tourists?

Fri, July 25th, 2014 - By Linda

Arranging to meet a friend for lunch recently, I suggested a restaurant in Playa de las Americas. “But you don’t like tourist places,” they responded. Wrong. There are plenty of reasons that I do like them, the aforementioned restaurant being one. If it weren’t for tourism, that restaurant wouldn’t be there. It is, after all, my choice to live in the south of Tenerife, and not in the undeniably prettier surroundings of the Anaga Mountains or the aptly named Vilaflor.


El Médano Beach


There is, let’s be honest, a certain kind of snobbery in some parts when you mention the word tourist.

British tourists in particular aren’t getting a very good press just now, as Jack mentioned, and so ably rebutted, last week. British OAPs (and I am one!) may now be infamous in the Canary Islands, and the younger crowd may have damaged their own reputations more than that of the island of Mallorca.

Yes, as a British expat, I am sometimes embarrassed by these tales, yet, as a friend (not British) pointed out to me, these stories become newsworthy precisely because they are not the norm.

So, how do “we” feel about tourists? Well, we might giggle a bit when you mispronounce Adeje or Las Galletas, but then we’re happy to explain, and we are even happier that you are trying to get your tongue around the language!


Mojos, Tenerife


We might tease you by telling you that the red mojo sauce is the mild one, but we’ll buy you a beer to cool your throat afterwards, and we give you kudos for trying new foods!

If we recommend a factor 30 sun cream, it isn’t because we are jealous of the tan you will get whilst we’re slaving away at work, but because we have seen so many cases of sunburn in our time here.


Las Vistas beach


Basically, we want you to have a good time. We love this island, and we are absolutely delighted to talk about it or to share it; to tell you about or take you to those “secret” places that most tourists don’t know about. And, as for “most tourists” if you want to chill out by your pool or on the nearest beach, and not roam further, we understand that too. Most of the tips and recommendations we make in this blog are for people who do want to explore a bit or practise sports when they are visiting, but if you’ve been stressed out at work for weeks on end, then lying in the sun is a great restorer – we know because we do our fair share of that too – no snobbery involved!


Barranco del Infierno


Yes, you may come across some expat know-it-alls, every group has them. When my friend said I didn’t like tourist places, what she’d picked up on is that there are some expat hangouts I avoid – for that reason. And we will come across bad behaviour. Frankly, I fully expect that young woman who was holidaying in Magaluf to be in the 2060 remake of OAPs behaving badly. Some folk are just like that.

Happily for us all, whether tourist or expat, the vast majority of us simply want to enjoy life, however we may choose, and if we can help by informing your choices then we are, quite simply, delighted to help.

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