The Best Entertainers on Tenerife 2013

Wed, October 16th, 2013 - By Jack Montgomery

October is month the Tenerife Entertainment Awards, Tenerife’s version of the Brit Awards, are held. Actually the Brits is an appropriate name for it as the awards are actually about the best entertainers you’re likely to find on the cabaret circuit in the southern resorts on Tenerife rather than across the island, so Canarian musicians and comedians don’t really figure in the awards.

The outcome of the TEA each year acts as a good guide to knowing who the cream of the crop are when it comes to deciding who to go and see and which resort bars are best for live entertainment.

These are the top dogs for 2013.


Pip Brown as Michael Bublé


Best Tribute Act
The winner was Pip Brown as Michael Bublé, who’s picked up an award every year for the last three years since he bagged his first for ‘best newcomer’ in 2011. You can catch Pip’s performance at venues like the Pearly Grey in Callao Salvaje, Dreamers Bar in Los Cristianos, Sporting Jester in Playa de las Américas and St Eugen’s in San Eugenio.

Best Compère
For the second year in a row, the winner of the best compère award was Mikey Lee of Mikey’s in Los Cristianos.

Best Male Singer
Went to Stephen Tyler with his School of Rock show featuring songs from the likes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, Queen and Oasis. You can attend Stephen’s ‘School’ at loads of places including the Bull’s Head and the Highland Paddy in Parque de la Paz, Playa de las Américas; Albatross Bar and Exiles Bar in Costa del Silencio and the Terrace Bar in Amarillo Golf.




Best Group
The best group award was picked up by Riffs & Quiffs (another gong for Pip Brown) who strut their stuff at the Cabaret Show Bar in San Eugenio, Pearly Grey and Restaurant Margarita amongst others.

Entertainers’ Entertainer
The choice of the cabaret circuit itself was Tenerife’s Billy Idol, Paul Stone, a regular rocker at San Eugen’s.

Best DJ
Was the resident DJ at Busby’s in Veronicas’ – DJ Snoopy.




Best Variety Act
Adults only, comedian Billy Porter was voted Tenerife’s best variety act. Billy brings tears to the eyes all over the south of Tenerife, from the Rumpot in Costa Adeje to the Corner Bar in Las Americas to the Market Tavern in Los Cristianos.

Best Solo Performer
Fergal Flaherty just keeps on winning this award. Fergal’s particular style of country and Irish sounds can be caught at the Hole in the Wall in Parque de la Paz.

Best Female Singer
The best female singer award went to Helena Campbell, a regular at Restaurant Margarita which seems like a good venue to see TEA winners by the sounds of it.

Best Newcomer
Favourite new kids on the block were Phenomenon’s Ollie and Luke who also appear at Restaurant Margarita as well as the Highland Paddy and the Terrace Bar.

Best Band
The Dubliner Bar’s own Dubliner Band picked up the best group award. No prizes for figuring out the best place to hear them play.

Lost of the winners play in various venues across the south of Tenerife. These venues can change on a regular basis. The best place to keep track of individual acts is to check out their Facebook pages.

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