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Mon, June 15th, 2015 - By Andrea Montgomery

The UK has long seen itself as a nation of picnic lovers and I have very fond memories of an annual pilgrimage to Tatton Park in Cheshire for its summer picnic concert. Setting up an elaborate table of food and drink, bedecked with a linen tablecloth and candelabras, we’d eat, drink and listen to an orchestra over the lake playing Gershwin or Vivaldi or whatever the year’s theme was, before ending the night in a cacophony of fireworks set to music. Ah, heady days.


La Caldera picnic zone


Although Tenerife doesn’t do the same pomp and ceremony only the British are capable of, the Canary Islands are just as much a nation of picnic lovers as the Brits are and so, in recognition of National Picnic Week which runs from 13th to 20th June 2015 and just because it’s good, cheap, family fun, here’s a quick run down on how to get into the picnic spirit while on your Tenerife holiday.

One of the things that separates planning a picnic on Tenerife from planning one in the UK is the weather. Once June’s got its feet firmly under the table you’re unlikely to have rain stop play, so National Picnic Week dates will suit fine. As the Tinerfeños are compulsive weekend picnickers (is that a word?), if you want to avoid the crowds, choose a mid week day instead. The only down side is that the toilets might be locked but hey, there’s all that woodland.


Las Lajas picnic zone


The north half of Tenerife is peppered with zonas recreativas (picnic areas) and you can hardly drive more than a few kilometres without spotting tables, benches and barbecues in a lay-by or in the woods. As the Tinerfeños believe that choosing to sit in the sun while eating is nothing less than loco, the shadeless south of the island has a distinct dearth of sites. If you’ve got a car or easy access to the bus stop, simply head into the hills and enjoy the extensive facilities the zones have to offer.


Santiago del Teide picnic zone


But you don’t have to travel to enjoy a picnic, simply head to the beach, use a beach towel or a sarong as your picnic rug and a sun lounger as your bench. That way, you don’t even have to give up valuable tanning time to have lunch. Of course, you do run the risk of having real ‘sand’wiches.

The second most fun part of a picnic is getting the food together. Head to the nearest supermarket and stock up on Tenerife cheeses, cold meats, crisps and ready-washed salads. Some fresh bocadillos and doughnuts from any panadería and you’re all set.


Picnic on the beach, Tinerfeño style


If you want to enjoy your picnic the same way the Tinerfeños do, pick up a bottle of local wine, a cheap corkscrew and some plastic cups. Half a pig to roast, guitars to strum and a couple of grannies to oversee proceedings are optional.

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