El Teatro Will Float Your Boat At Los Cristianos Port

Fri, March 13th, 2015 - By Colin

If you think of the Los Cristianos ferry port as the sea faring equivalent of an airport you might avoid it for fear of steep prices and plastic food. Maybe there used to be some truth in that but newly reopened as El Teatro Bar, Cafeteria Bar now offers a different delicious, imaginative, and filling menu each day for a mere €5.50.


El Teatro, Los Cristianos Port


The outside, upstairs terrace offers reassuring views across to the calmer old beach and the twin delights of Montaña Guaza and Roque del Conde. The Armas and Fred Olsen ferries serving La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro glide in and out all day and make a nice contrast to the fishing boats in the marina. I chose the bright, uncluttered inside to start on my creamy pumpkin soup with bread, it was tasty and full bodied. Next up was a good sized serving of flaky fish with vegetables and rice. I rounded it off with a Natillas custard dessert with biscuit – sweet, soft, and smooth. Yes that was the €5.50 menu of the day, it’s usually three courses, Saturday and Sunday tend to be large helpings of paella.


El Teatro, Los Cristianos Port


Drinks are extra but at normal prices, €1.50 for my coffee or a bottle of Dorada. There is a full range of more expected snacks like pizza slices, hot dogs, sandwiches and rolls but also a big menu of cooked food like the salad packed Canarian style hamburgers, €2 normal or €2.50 Americana with a fried egg, ham, and bacon. Add chips to make it €3.50. I had been stalking El Teatro for a few days to see what would crop up on the menu and had seen ratatouille, fried squid, pork chops, lasagne, and chicken with rice as the main course of their three course menu.


El Teatro, Los Cristianos Port


The port area is a popular place to stroll as the harbour wall offers nice views of the sea and across to Palm Mar just along the coast. Nearly a million euros have been pumped into bolstering the harbour wall to combat nature’s odd bad moods and the mural of sea life painted by a team from La Laguna University adds to the appreciation of the sea.


El Teatro, Los Cristianos Port


All this can be taken in from El Teatro, they have even added extra outside tables along the beach facing side of the building. The name El Teatro is a clue to the pedigree of the food and service, the new owners already have a big following at the El Cine restaurant tucked away off the old beach front.

El Teatro opens from 7 am to 8 pm every day, the menu of the day is in Spanish on the board at the entrance but the staff speak English  and will be happy to translate and tempt you.

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  1. Linda says:

    Whoa. Impressed if it’s run by El Cine! Some years back I spent a lot of time around the harbor, kind of working, & although the staff were always very pleasant, the food was kind of 1980s British Rail! I will def use El Teatro in future!

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