El Gomero Restaurant, A Local Secret

Wed, January 16th, 2013 - By Colin

It takes a lot to keep your reputation and popularity in Tenerife for nearly 40 years as a major resort like Playa de Las Americas has grown up around you, but El Gomero has achieved that with good food, service and prices. As our table bore the weight of generous portions of paella and lamb, history was the last thing on my mind.


Roast lamb


Thousands of unaware visitors pass by each week on their way to Magma Artes & Congress opposite, Siam Park beyond, or the Costa Adeje bus station just along the road. My early evening visits have always found it very busy, pre-booking is a good idea but the staff are brisk, efficient and friendly and details taken at the bar have always led me to a table within a couple of relaxing drinks.


Breaded mushrooms


Starters range from the lighter garlic breads (tomato and ham is a good choice) through prawns, and asparagus all with a range of oils and sauces. Breaded mushrooms are quite a challenge, it’s easy to think you have skipped straight to the main feature due to their size and number.


Chicken breast in mushroom sauce


There’s always a good selection of fish dishes for the main course, several, like the tuna and hake, carry a further choice as to the style they are served in. Dependable favourite combinations like pork loin, sausage, or hamburger with chips and salad are a bargain between 4.50 and 5.50 euros. I do like my chicken breast and on a good day can make a quick decision between the pepper or mushroom sauce, both are memorable. If you want a good steak get reading as there are over 20 to pick from with a Mexican sirloin, a Rioja fillet, and a Roquefort fillet still only peaking at 12.50 euros.

Local workers flock to El Gomero, the police station canteen over the road clearly doesn’t impress any of the officers; taxi drivers turn the meter off to pop in and on a summer visit, rally drivers using the Magma for their pits made a speedy swerve across, still in their racing leathers. The menus and staff are all helpful in several languages and there is always a good mix of customers.




For group bookings the specials are an excellent option and the servings available for the minimum of two people will push a trio to their limit. The paella is rich in content with a plethora of prawns and a shoal of fish bedded in with large spoons full of succulent rice. The lamb is always popular and the soft tender slices carved at the table need just the softest stroke of the knife. Drinks are bar rather than restaurant prices and the overall value is difficult to beat.

El Gomero, Avenida de Los Pueblos, Playa de Las Americas; open noon until late; Tel (0034) 922 75 07 13

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