El Aderno Cake Shop Opens in La Paz, Puerto de la Cruz

Mon, January 7th, 2013 - By Andrea Montgomery

Something’s happening to La Paz in Puerto de la Cruz, the residential district which sits above the town on the way to La Orotava. Always a pleasant and tranquil place in which to enjoy tapas or a pizza, of late there has been a new buzz and a purpose in the stride of visitors and residents as they make their way past the little shopping precinct. They’re on their way to grab a seat at the table of La Paz’ newest arrival – the cake heaven of El Aderno.


El Aderno, La Paz


Beginning life in the north western town of Buenavista del Norte in 1991, the El Aderno bakery and chocolate cave has been winning prizes for its delicate hand made cakes, desserts and chocolates ever since. Its distinctive little white van with its logo of a cartoon chef placing the cherry on an oversized cake can be seen zipping all around the towns of the north of Tenerife delivering cakes, postres and catering food to restaurants and party venues where lucky diners and guests are about to have their sweet tooth tickled.

Until now, if I wanted to sample the delights of a mojito mousse or a handmade gofio chocolate, I had to travel to Buenavista, Playa de Las Americas or into Santa Cruz to find the only outlets. But all that has changed now as the iconic bakery has opened up in La Paz at the front of the  Canary Centre shopping precinct on the main road to the Botánico Gardens.


El Aderno


The shop itself is quite small and although the outside tables and chairs spread around the corner, inevitably demand outweighs supply. We got lucky as we chanced our arm on the Friday before Christmas, arriving in traditional siesta time and finding a vacant table right outside the door. Previous visits to El Aderno’s delights have drawn us to the individual mousse desserts which we’ve ceremoniously and deliberately savoured, each mouthful of tangy mojito or vanilla, lemon and praline being accompanied by moans of delight that drew looks from waiting customers – When Harry Met Sally in the cake shop.


El Aderno


This time we opted for cakes; a soft, icing sugar dusted apple tart and a dinky-sized chocolate éclair fitting the afternoon coffee and cakes agenda nicely. The apple tart was seasonally on the nose with its soft fruit and cinnamon undertones but the chocolate éclair was the day’s winner, its creamy vanilla custard melting into the rich chocolate and soft choux pastry. It was all I could do to stop myself from popping inside to order another, or two.

As well as the individual chocolates, cakes, pastries and mousse desserts, you’ll find superb cakes for birthdays and special occasions and a range of seasonal goodies to eat in or take away. If you want a really tasty souvenir, the kind you keep for yourself, their gift boxed chocolates are hard to beat, if a tad on the pricey side.


El Aderno


If you haven’t yet discovered the many delights of the La Paz district with its pavement cafes, restaurants, bijou boutiques and souvenir shops, there’s never been a better time to do so. But if you see a free table outside El Aderno, get it while you can, as Harry would say.

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