Eating Out in Puerto de la Cruz, A Foodie’s Heaven

Mon, October 11th, 2010 - By Jack Montgomery

Call me slow on the uptake, but it’s taken seven years for me to realise that the choice and quality of restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz make it one of the best places to stay on Tenerife for lovers of good food.

Recently Andy and I met up with friends from El Médano to show them around the narrow, cobbled streets and plazas of the old town.

We’d started our tour at the harbour, passing Tasquita de Min’s who serves sublime tasting parrot fish (don’t think about the beak), before popping in for a look at the new Cofradía de Pescadores’ building and rooftop restaurant beside the old custom’s house. Run by fisherman, these are the places to eat for seafood lovers. After that we stopped to watch the Atlantic rollers breaking against the seawall where the old town meets the new. Below us were a couple of Italian restaurants built into the wall whose open arches give views along the coast; a great spot for a sunset pizza. Turning back into the old town we paused for a nosey at student favourite El Limón’s menu with its vegetarian hot dogs and burgers. Opposite was Casa Mediterránea, a cosy inviting little restaurant with a personality chef. Continuing onwards, aromas from traditional Canarian, Galician and tapas restaurants, aided and abetted by those from the Indian centre (pop in and you can order whatever they’re cooking) put the gastric juices into overdrive.

A detour through Plaza Charco where an acapella group added a harmonic soundtrack to the bustle in the square took us to our destination; the Ranilla District. This little fishermen’s district is home to some of the best restaurants in town including guidebook favourite Regulo and one of the most stylish Italian restaurants on Tenerife, Rosa Di Bari. We’d booked a table at Mil Sabores whose name means a thousand flavours. When you sink your teeth into one of their dishes, you quickly discover why. The food is orgasmically tasty and looks good enough to grace a Hollywood red carpet. At around €12 for a main course it’s excellent value for quality, quantity and service. It was one of those fantastic meals which elicited sighs of pleasure that were positively obscene.

Some people say that Los Abrigos or La Caleta are the places to go for fish restaurants, or Costa Adeje and Playa de las Américas for a dizzying selection of international choices. But that stroll around town reminded me that you get all that and much more in Puerto and I’ve only mentioned a handful of places…there are at least around 290 more.

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