How to Eat Local on Tenerife by Eating Familiar Food

Mon, February 23rd, 2015 - By Jack Montgomery

Not everyone gets excited about seeing that a menu has ant salad or silkworms on skewers on it when they travel – not that you get either on Tenerife, but you might be faced with half a rabbit or a whole octopus.

However, there’s a way to impress folks back home by telling them that you tried lots of authentic local dishes on Tenerife without ever having to set foot outside of your culinary comfort zone.

Here are a few local favourites which will be familiar to any British visitor to the island.


Sandwich, Tenerife


We’ll ease into the authentic local food groove with an instantly recognisable snack that might trip a few people up. You’ll see a ‘sandwich’ section on most snack menus. These aren’t sandwiches in the British sense, these are toasties. Normally there’s a greater selection than the average toastie menu in Britain. Watch out for the vegeteranio sandwich as it’s a false friend, there’s usually ham in there.


Savoury, meaty balls often in a sauce.  Basically they’re meatballs, and found in just about any Canarian restaurant that has a tapas menu.


Churros de Pescado, Tenerife


Churros de Pescado
If you feel a need for a battered fish hit, these chunky white fish fillets in crispy golden batter are just the job. These are also usually found on most tapas menus.


Mountain of chips, Tenerife


Papas Locas
You can’t have battered fish without chips. Papas fritas (chips) are common in Canarian restaurants but if you want to really go local ask for papas locas (crazy chips) which can come with cubes of cheese and ham and lashings of mustard, mayo and ketchup… or whatever the chef feels like decorating the papas with.


Churros, Tenerife


Fancy a sweet doughnut hit? Find a churreria and buy a poke of sugary churros. Churros are a bit like crinkly, straightish doughnuts snipped from a golden spiral. On the other hand, doughnuts are sold everywhere anyway. But telling people you ate churros sounds better.


Chuleta de cerdo, Tenerife


Chuletas de Cerdo
Chuletas are chops, cerdo is pork. Put them together and you’ve got pork chops, usually huge ones and served in most traditional restaurants.


Morcilla, Tenerife


Not everyone’s cup of tea; however, if you’re a black pudding fan like me then morcilla is very similar.


Garlic chicken, Adeje, Tenerife


Pollo al Ajillo
More chicken in a bowl than chicken in a basket, Tenerife’s garlic chicken, a speciality around Adeje, is sensational.


Huevos Estampido, Tenerife


Huevos Estampido
Finally, this is a cracker. I’ve been fooled by it on menus a few times over the years as I keep forgetting what it is. Huevos Estampido is… egg and chips. It comes with bits of chorizo mixed in which is even better as that makes it sausage, egg and chips.

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