Easy Driving from South to North West Tenerife on the New Ring Road

Wed, July 1st, 2015 - By Jack Montgomery

The anillo insular has been an ongoing project for years now, a wide new road to link the south west and north west of Tenerife, creating a road network which would enable visiting drivers to circumnavigate the island without having to negotiate any narrow, winding roads.

For years the anillo insular was a mess of roadworks, a blot on the lovely landscape around Santiago del Teide and a scar in the hillside above the south west coast; only useful as a location for the movie Fast and Furious 6.

The economic crisis brought work on the road to a snail’s pace and for a time it looked as though it would be a lumbering white elephant of a project destined to drag on forever without actually going anywhere.


Crossing from south west to north west, Anillo Insular, Tenerife


However, in the last few months things have changed. First, a section linking the north coast with El Tanque in the hills was completed, and then another section from Vera de Erques to Santiago del Teide was opened in May 2015.

The difference these alone have made has been impressive.

Whenever we go south we use the motorway system, taking the TF5 to Santa Cruz and then the TF1 heading south.

The journey from Puerto de la Cruz to the south airport takes us just under an hour. To the heart of Costa Adeje, a distance of around 100km, it’s about an hour and a half. It’s a shorter route via Santiago del Teide in the west, but it takes a lot longer thanks to the roads… until now that is.


South west section of the Anillo Insular, Tenerife


This week we used the anillo insular to get from south to north. It took us just under an hour to reach Puerto de la Cruz from Costa Adeje. The road was wide, easy to drive and with hardly any cars using it. It also travels through some attractive countryside. It’s a game-changer.

It has made getting from north to south a lot easier. For us it removes the need to tackle the La Laguna/Santa Cruz area where the motorway can be so congested you could easily believe you’re negotiating the Manchester ring road (apart from the weather being an obvious clue you’re not).


Santiago del Teide tunnel, Anillo Insular, Tenerife


But the anillo insular isn’t finished, which might make accessing the road a tad confusing for visitors to the island.

The new road isn’t joined on with the TF1 motorway at Costa Adeje yet, so you have to follow signs for Guia de Isora before negotiating a couple of confusing junctions to join it at Vera de Erques (not exactly a household name of a place). Then the road runs out at Santiago del Teide where you continue on the old road until you reach El Tanque where it begins again, this time taking you all the way to the coast to join the road heading to Puerto de la Cruz.


North west coastal road, Tenerife


Eventually all the parts will fall into place and the sections will all seamlessly link up. But there is still a lot of political shenanigans to get out of the way and budgets to be found before that happens.

All that doesn’t really matter too much as what is already in place makes getting from the main southern resorts to the northern coast far easier and speedier than ever before.

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