Dressing Up for New Year on Tenerife

Wed, December 25th, 2013 - By Jack Montgomery

If you enjoy immersing yourself in local traditions when you travel there’s something you need to know about New Year’s Eve on Tenerife.

The locals behave as though it won’t be pavements they’re walking on during the evening, they dress as though they’re strutting their stuff down the catwalk. Neon evening gowns, sexy cocktail dresses, painted on little black numbers, shoes with heels you could skewer a pig on, you name it and they’ll be wearing it. There’s more glitzy glamour on display than you’d have found in a 1970s Miss World pageant.


Beauty Queens, Santa Cruz, Tenerife


Turn up at the most traditional shindigs to celebrate New Year in a sensible sweater and comfortable shoes and you’ll feel like Mr and Mrs Dullard of Dulltown, Dullsville.

As is often the way with any sort of fiesta on Tenerife, the way to get the best out of it is to dive head-first into the throng. To do that for New Year means slipping into those gladrags.


Dressed up for New Year, Tenerife


For men, it’s relatively straightforward. DJs are de rigueur but any sort of sharp suit does the trick. If you’re Scottish and have a kilt, then you’re sorted. Kilts go down (or more likely up) extremely well at Tenerife’s New Year parties.

For women there’s more to think about. However, instead of packing the party old faithful, why not wait till you get to Tenerife to shop for a killer outfit at the same places the locals frequent.

It doesn’t matter where you are on Tenerife, you’re not going to be far from a shopping centre that has a mix of familiar brands as well as the most popular Spanish names in fashion shopping.


Pull and Bear, Santa Cruz, Tenerife


You’ll find a Zara in many locations, from the Safari Centre in Playa de las Américas to La Villa in La Orotava to a handful of them in the centre of Santa Cruz. H&M is harder to find but there are a couple in the Santa Cruz area and one in La Laguna.

Popular Spanish names that might be less familiar with UK visitors are Stradivarius, Bershka and Pull and Bear, trendy shops with very affordable clothes aimed at the younger end of the market. All have branches at every decent sized shopping centre.

However, many of the most chic outfits on show haven’t come from the Spanish equivalent of High Street stores.

The Del Duque shopping centre in Costa Adeje has top of the range individualistic designer wear at prices that’ll cause an involuntary gasp. A much better bet is to head to the places where independent shops still thrive. La Laguna has plenty as does La Orotava. If you’re in Puerto de la Cruz you’ll need sunglasses to look in the window of Jordi’s on Calle La Hoya thanks to the overdose of sparkly dresses on display.


Shopping in Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife


Best of all is Icod de los Vinos where unassuming streets are home to a number of small fashion shops where two dresses shipped in from Milan or Paris are rarely the same. The price tags in these will also cause gasps… but for the opposite reason from those at Del Duque.

On Tenerife there’s no need to spend a million dollars to look a million dollars.

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