Double Click For Safe Thrills At Climbers Adventure Park

Sat, November 8th, 2014 - By Colin

A little wobbly, and definitely not dainty, but there I was, picking my way across a suspended pathway of moving wooden slats with just a thin metal rail to hold onto. Reaching the platform at the end I could feel the adrenalin rush but my confidence was boosted and I was ready to tackle the next stage at Climbers adventure park in Los Cristianos.


Climbrs, Los Cristianos


I have to admit to not being a big fan of exposed heights but park owner Nicolo Amaglio assured me with a pre-climb run through the safety harness and the all important caribiner clips.
“Each of the two carbiners opens to clip locked over the wires, our system is double safe as they will not both unlock at the same time.”
I soon appreciated this as I moved around the four-sided frame. To move onto a new section meant fastening the dormant clip on my harness to the section ahead and locking it before being able to remove the one from the completed zone and returning that to my belt for the next changeover. It’s all a matter of getting a rhythm and feeling confident.


Climbers, Los Cristianos


Nicolo has seven years of experience running similar but bigger parks back home in Italy. That included working with people who had disabilities, something he is keen to continue in Tenerife.
“We want to encourage people with sensory or mental health problems and later also those with physical challenges.”


Climbers, Los Cristianos


Like many others passing by on the main roads to Playa de Las Americas, Chayofa and Arona, I originally thought the metal skeleton was for a building. In reality it’s a sturdy frame with large posts supporting staging points around three heights of challenges with zip wires and moving walkways. Nearest the ground are tests for children from three years old, the middle layer that I tried is suitable for accompanied children from six to eight years and anyone over that age. The top section is for athletes and those over 12 years who are ready to push themselves that bit further.


Climbers, Los Cristianos


Back on my middle level I was making steady progress with plenty of support and encouragement from Nicolo and another of his team, Fernando. My personal leap of faith came with the first zip wire along the far end of the frame, I had to clip an additional locking pulley to my overhead wire and kick off from my platform. What a great feeling as I sailed across the void and up onto the next platform. Each stretch of wire presents a different challenge, crossing a horizontal ladder and negotiating small moving blocks of wood under foot kept me alert but each step was very rewarding.

Climbers, Calle Pedregales 14, Los Cristianos, (0034) 608 083 923; open daily 10.30am to 5.30pm; 3-7 years €10, adults and children over 8years €13; discounts for group bookings and 10% discount for Canary Islands residents.

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