Dial 112 For A Quick, Efficient Response To Your Tenerife Emergency

Wed, February 18th, 2015 - By Colin

Don’t worry about cost, don’t worry about the language barrier, and don’t doubt their excellent response, a call to 112 Canarias will access fire, ambulance and police in the unlikely event you have an emergency while in the Canary Islands. For extra peace of mind in advance of your visit you can even download the FRESS app to your smart phone or tablet and extend that reassurance to world wide destinations.


112 Canarias emergency services helicopter


Santa Cruz is home to the hub of the 112 Canarias service, and standing in the incoming call centre I was impressed at the calm atmosphere as operators responded to frantic calls in English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French. Some were from payphones, the call is always free, and many from mobiles – that often annoying message “only available for emergency calls” is actually your guarantee that whatever the status of your phone you will be fast-tracked through to 112 Canarias. In 2014 they received 9,000 calls from non Spanish callers.


112 Canarias call centre, Santa Cruz


Glancing out the window of the upstairs offices near the port, there were plenty of clues to why they are needed. Boat accidents in the Atlantic, fire or hiking rescue in the hills of Anaga, or traffic mishaps with buses and cars using the busy motorway network connecting the capital with Puerto de la Cruz, Los Gigantes and the south airport. Even in the modern, well equipped resorts of Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas and Costa Adeje the unexpected can leave people needing help.


112 Canarias


All needs are covered. SOMU aids those with hearing difficulties, they can register their mobile at the multi lingual 112 Canarias website and conduct urgent calls via a text window. Despite receiving upwards of 1,300 calls daily via headsets, the nimble fingers of the call centre staff were quick to enter details onto two screens at a time which helped to pinpoint their location and send response vehicles. Protocols drawn up from experience ensure that in the outer office the appropriate support services are also sent.


112 Canarias emergecy services fire engine


The big revelation to me was the FRESS system. Downloadable free from the main app stores, it allows quick, one-time connection and effectively puts a panic button in the palm of your hand with GPS tracking and the ability to send accident scene info and photos direct to 112 Canarias or the nearest similar centre anywhere in the world. It’s a wonderful way to ensure any special medical needs, allergies, or medication history is on tap for those coming to your rescue.


112 Emergency Services helicopter


Thankfully your only interaction with 112 on Tenerife will normally be spotting a helicopter from your lounger on the beach or hearing the odd distant siren as you sip a cool drink at the pool bar but it’s good to know that a dedicated team of professionals are ready to jump into action at the end of a telephone should you need them. You may like to find out more about 112 Canarias at their website and in a leisurely moment it’s well worth downloading that FRESS app.

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