Days of Food and Wine on Tenerife

Fri, November 8th, 2013 - By Jack Montgomery

If you’re on a diet don’t visit Tenerife in November. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s the end of summer and the nights are getting a bit cooler, but there’s a plague of food related events across the island over the next few weeks.

Wander past the harbour in Puerto de la Cruz and your nostrils will be bombarded by an army of aromas. The end of the month (29th) sees the celebration of the island’s new wines during the San Andrés festivities. Throughout November food and wine kiosks are erected at the muelle (harbour). Top spot in the aroma league goes to chestnuts. As well as being the month of young wines, November is the month of castañas (chestnuts) and, in the towns along the north coast especially, braziers for roasting chestnuts are set up in the streets.


Castana and San Miguel


They’re a wonderful sight to see and the aroma from them smells of… nostalgia.

Just to pile on the temptation, some kiosks sell grilled sardines and spicy pinchos (pork kebabs). They also pour out gallons of country wine into plastic cups; not the classiest vessel for holding wine in, but drinking a cup beside the harbour wall, with a plate of roast chestnuts accompanying it, tastes wonderful.

Try escaping up the hill to La Orotava and things get worse. The historic town has a ruta de la tapa until the 17th of the month with 45 cafés, bars and restaurants offering tapas dishes that range from traditional Canarian (goat meat) to imaginative (scallops, prawns and herring roe cakes on a slate) and even Chinese (dim sum).


Batata and Orotava


In fact all the way along the north coast lies culinary temptation with fairs and gastronomic events themed around the chestnut (there are a lot of chestnut trees along the upper slopes of the north of Tenerife).

In Santa Ursula there’s a week of celebrating chestnuts and mushrooms. Next door in La Victoria there’s a chestnut and handicraft fair (23rd and 24th). In La Matanza it’s also a chestnut fair on the same dates whilst Tacoronte holds a wine and chestnut festival on the 29th.


Tapas Tenerife


Further along the coast, Valle de Guerre, Tejina, Bajamar and Punta de Hidalgo are holding their own tapas route throughout November.

Inland, La Laguna is running a initiative called ‘Cuidad Magica’ with 39 restaurants serving tapas at €3 every Thursday night until the end of the year.

Head to the east coast and it’s no better as Candelaria has a tapas route with a sweet potato theme, with bars creating interesting dishes ranging from sweet potato flowers to sweet potato cigars.

Further south and Granadilla de Abona (home of El Médano and Los Abrigos) and San Miguel de Abona (Golf del Sur) are also holding tapas routes with over 50 restaurants participating.


Isora and Bajamar


In Los Cristianos there’s a Canarian food fair on the 9th and 10th whilst Guia de Isora has yet another tapas route, this time based around honey and almonds with some participating restaurants being in Playa San Juan and Alcalá.

You could almost follow a tapas route of some sort all the way around the island. You’d need to buy a whole new wardrobe by the end of it though.

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