A Day on the Beach at Las Teresitas

Fri, January 21st, 2011 - By Andrea Montgomery

When we first decided to move permanently to Tenerife, I had visions of spending a good percentage of my days lying on a beach.
In reality, I see less of the beach now than I did when I lived in Manchester, at least back then I took three holidays a year during which some beach time would inevitably occur.
Still, the up side is that when I do decide to take a day off, I don’t have to take a flight to get to a sun soaked beach, I’ve got several lying on my doorstep, one of which is Las Teresitas in Santa Cruz.

Driving out alongside the port of Santa Cruz where some of the world’s finest ocean liners dock, we arrive at the fishing village of San Andrés. White washed buildings tumble Greek-style down the side of the ravines and gather at the sea front in a ramshackle collection of shops and fish restaurants.

Beyond San Andrés the road twists to the right and then opens out onto the golden expanse of the city’s playground – Las Teresitas Beach.
Created in 1973 when a one and a half kilometre long breakwater was constructed to keep the Atlantic waves at bay and vast quantities of the Spanish Sahara were relocated to the shoreline, Las Teresitas is a golden, crescent shaped beach backed by gently wafting palm trees and the dramatic Anaga Mountains and bordering a turquoise lagoon. In short it’s a tropical paradise.

The Santacruceros (residents of Santa Cruz) like to lie as close to the water’s edge as it’s possible to get without actually getting wet which leaves acres of golden emptiness vacant. It’s not windy today so we throw our sarongs onto the sand and within minutes are stretched out under the hot sun.
When it’s windy it’s best to get a sunbed in order to avoid being mistaken for a sand sculpture as the fine golden grains fly across the surface.

As morning turns to afternoon thoughts turn to food and we de-camp to one of the kiosks that line the back of the beach and grab a couple of stools at the counter. We order a selection of tapas and two chilled bottles of Dorada, the contents of which slide all too easily down our parched throats. While we wait for our tapas to arrive we peruse the beach life.

A steady stream of joggers whose ages span several generations are using the shoreline as their circuit track. Fishermen are casting their lines from the rocks below the long jetty that borders the northern edge of the beach while behind them a group are doing Tai Chi movements. At the water’s edge families are opening their packed lunches of bocadillos and packets of crisps while a couple walk off hand in hand towards the fish restaurants of San Andrés.

Our lunch arrives and we tuck into fried fish and papas arrugadas washed down with another Dorada. After lunch we’ll head back to the sand for a last hour before heading home.
Just another day in paradise.

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