Culinary Delights at La Bodega de San Miguel

Mon, March 9th, 2015 - By Andrea Montgomery

“We’ll have the white chocolate mousse with caramel and gofio to share please.”
“That dessert is very small for sharing between two. Delicious, but small.”
“Er, okay. I guess we’ll have the chocolate brownie as well then.”

That was our mistake. Taking the word of a smiling Canarian waiter that a dessert, following two substantial courses, was too small for sharing. Now we’ve eaten a chocolate brownie and a white chocolate mousse and I think if he offers us an after dinner mint I might do my interpretation of a famous Monty Python scene.


La Bodega de San Miguel


The last time we ate at this place it was called La Vieja Bodega, was owned by an extremely affable chap named Jorge and had an amazing rum ‘corner’ with over 50 types of rum, many of which we sampled at Jorge’s insistence. In April 2014 the restaurant changed management and dropped the ‘vieja’ from its name. Jorge may be gone, but our ability to be easily persuaded by the staff was still very much in evidence.


La Bodega de San Miguel


Situated in the lovely hill town of San Miguel just a 20 minute drive from El Medano and Golf del Sur, La Bodega de San Miguel is no shrinking violet, its name proclaimed from its roof, can be seen from half way to Aldea Blanca. There’s a pretty, outside terrace for balmy evenings but it was early February when we visited and, with a cold wind and rain threatening, we opted for the basement dining room. And we weren’t alone. Two tables of Scandinavian cyclists and a motley assortment of locals and visitors made for a lively, cosy and fun atmosphere.

La Bodega de San Miguel is a very traditional Tenerife restaurant with all the usual local winter favourites of coneja con salmorejo (rabbit stew), costillas con papas y piñas (ribs with potatoes and sweetcorn) and huevos estampido (egg and chips). The starter and salads menu is impressively large and can act as a tapas alternative to main courses, and there’s a wide choice of meat, fish, rice and pasta dishes.


La Bodega de San Miguel


We ordered bubango soup and croquetas to start, and we were served with fresh, warm bread with a tasty selection of sweet marmalades and cream cheese while we waited. The soup was thick, creamy and flavoursome and the croquetas were crisp on the outside and savoury on the inside, not to mention filling.


La Bodega de San Miguel


The restaurant clearly has a liking for wrapping things in pastry. Chicken, vegetables and pork all finding themselves on the menu in a pastry overcoat. No stranger to the attractions of puff pastry, Jack ordered the hojaldre de cerdo, pork in pastry, while I opted for the same dish but without the crust. The pork steak was tender to the point of barely needing a knife to cut it while the caramelised onions were sweet, sticky and, if I’m honest, over-facing. Donating half my onion topping to Jack, I cleaned the plate.


La Bodega de San Miguel


There was absolutely no need for dessert, I just fancied that white chocolate mousse and figured that between two, it would be just about perfect. Which it would have been. Incidentally, the chocolate brownie was good but the white chocolate mousse was sensational.

Our three courses plus a half litre of house red wine and a half litre of water came to €47.96. La Bodega de San Miguel, José Hernández Alfonso 4, San Miguel; (+34) 66 55 53 55; open Tues – Sun, closed Mondays

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