Getting Crafty in Puerto de la Cruz

Fri, April 4th, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

For one weekend every September the sleepy village of Pinolere transforms itself into the craft centre of the Canary Islands where you can see traditional skills still being preserved and can stock up on edible, wearable and collectible unique souvenirs from Tenerife, her neighbouring islands and her soul mates of Venezuela, Argentina and Cuba. But what happens if your visit doesn’t coincide with Pinolere?
For vibrant and colourful markets and a spot of crafty Sunday shopping, pop down to Puerto de la Cruz to find Pinolere instead.


Pinolere Se Mueve, Puerto de la Cruz


Pinolere Se Mueve, Plaza Europa
Every Sunday, mini Pinolere relocates from its leafy location below the slopes of La Orotava and finds itself in the heart of Puerto de la Cruz, alongside the Ayuntamiento on Plaza Europa.

Having all the wonderful crafts of its bigger, annual event but without the basket weavers, thatched huts and traditional games demonstrations, Pinolere Se Mueve has a lively and friendly atmosphere. Stalls are buzzing with browsers tasting cheeses, cakes, jams, honey and wine; trying on hats and leather wrist bands; testing speciality teas and coffees and pondering over antiques and collectibles.


Pinolere Se Mueve, Puerto de la Cruz


One enterprising stall holder donned one of her Turkish, bell-encrusted Turkish hip scarves, persuaded two of her friends to do the same and performed an impromptu, booty-shakin’ and tinkling dance to the delight of passers-by. Providing a background sound track to the whole morning’s event is a guitar playing busker whose CDs are, naturally, for sale.

Pisaverde boot-wearing, Turkish trouser wearing, neo-hippies man (and woman) several of the stalls, merchandising their hand made jewellery, carvings and ceramics and the whole market has a very Bohemian, laid back feel to it.

Open every Sunday from 9am-3pm. There’s a paid car park underneath Plaza Europa, accessible along Calle de Santo Domingo, or you can stroll across the harbour from the free car park known locally as Futuro Parque Maritimo and accessible from Passeo de Luis Lavaggi which runs directly behind Playa Jardín.

Sunday Market, La Paz
A recent addition to the town’s love of outdoor markets, the row of stalls located alongside La Cupula Commercial Centre, opposite the Botanical Gardens in the La Paz district, is a smaller and more intimate craft affair.


Market La Paz, Puerto de la Cruz


Stretching the length of the shopping centre, there’s just one row of stalls which makes for very easy browsing. Amongst the stalls you’ll find lots of handmade jewellery depicting Guanche designs or crafted from lava; beautiful ceramics in traditional designs, wood carvings, leather goods and even a lovely hat stall. Colourful racks of ethnic clothing sit alongside hand knitted baby wear, kids fashion and handbags. Foodies will enjoy the stands with local, specialist products such as the man with his collection of seasoned salts from Lanzarote, the honey and mojos stand and the lady with her home made cakes which were selling like, well, hot cakes.


Flavoured sea salts, La Paz market, Puerto de la Cruz


When we were there a small troupe of traditional musicians added a touch of colour and a harmonious soundtrack to the proceedings.

Open every Sunday morning until around 2pm. The underground car park of the Hypertrebol supermarket provides a handy parking spot if all the spaces alongside the market itself are taken.

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