The Cost Of Hiring Sun Loungers On Tenerife Beaches

Mon, November 17th, 2014 - By Colin

If you’re looking for that extra level of comfort as you soak up the Tenerife sunshine, and you want to put your feet up and lay back for a shade-fueled rest, it will cost a little more. Most services are put out to private tender by the local councils, hence the contrast in quality and cost. Here’s the latest prices around the main resorts.


Callao Salvaje


Callao Salvaje – Playa Ajabo
Fixed shades across the centre and sides of the beach come complete with a small stand for your drinks. A sun bed and shade combination will cost you four euros for the day, the bonus here is a buzzer to call a waiter from the Sansibar Ajabo café and restaurant. The toilet block near the café charges 50 cents a visit so keep some change handy.


Playa Los Cristianos


Playa de Los Cristianos
There’s quite a drawn out drama behind the comfort here. After several failed contract negotiations a company recently took over the concessions, the good news is a spread of new beds and shades and plenty of notices to inform of the three euros an item charge. A bed and two shades will set you back nine euros for the day.


Plya Las Vistas


Los Cristianos – Playa Las Vistas
A huge two crescent beach but this side of the pedestrian tunnel it’s four euros an item. There are a few bonus features here, a couple of banks of lockers at three euros each come in very handy if you have valuables when the urge for sun and sea strikes. For extra pampering there are official Arona council massage tents with a sliding scale from 10 euros for 15 minutes, a much safer bet than the illegal roaming service.


Playa La Troya


Playa de Las Americas – Playas de Troya
Annoyingly a large stretch of beaches with no price boards but it’s five euros for the bed and static shade. The good thing with these fixed shades is they are sturdy and not vulnerable to a sudden gust of wind, but as they all look the same you better remember your position before taking a dip.


Playa La Pinta


Puerto Colon – Playa La Pinta
Not the biggest of beaches but the beds allow plenty of breathing space. It’s five euros here for a bed and five for a fixed shade.


Playa de Torviscas


Playa Fañabe & Playa de Torviscas
These two Costa Adeje beaches make one continuous stretch but there are subtle differences between them. There are a series of small wooden kiosks all along but on Playa Fañabe two larger buildings surrounded by sun beds are Beach Clubs where you pay 25 euros for the hire and unlimited food and drink – so check before you crash out. Otherwise the beach furniture is five euros an item, another shocking lack of price boards. Crossing the invisible line to Playa de Torviscas things are much better for the same prices. Good signage, widespread free Wi Fi and brighter, nice modern beds.


Plya El Medano


Playa El Medano
Cheap and very cheerful at just 2.50 euros a sun shade or bed. A small beach which gets smaller quickly when the tide turns. High tide was 4.21 pm on my visit, as told by the very informative white board on the lifeguards high chair – they even have a quote of the day. There’s a new free toilet block a few steps from the beach and two quaint new changing booths just along by the lovely sandstone coves.

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