The Cost of Self Catering on Tenerife

Wed, January 1st, 2014 - By Jack Montgomery

Some people say Tenerife is more expensive than they expected, others consider it cheaper.

Often the difference can depend on where people stay. A traditional Canarian dish in a decent restaurant in upmarket areas of Costa Adeje can cost significantly more than the same meal in a traditional town such as Puerto de la Cruz. Imported beers like John Smith’s are going to set you back more than local lagers such as Dorada.

When it comes to self catering and fending for yourself in the food and booze department, stick to brand supermarkets prices should be similar whether you’re in Fañabe or Garachico.

As a guide to the sort of prices you should expect to pay in a supermarket on Tenerife, here’s a brief guide to some basics based from our last shopping bill.


Grocery shopping, Tenerife


Bread comes in all shapes, sizes and prices. The mass pre-packed stuff is quite poor. We buy ours from panaderias (bakeries) or from the bakery section of the supermarket. A fresh, sliced white or wholemeal loaf costs between €1 and €1.50 and fresh baguettes from €0.30.

Dairy Products
There are dairy cows on Tenerife, around Santa Ursula, so it is possible to get fresh milk in some supermarkets (€1.00-€1.50 a litre). Alternatively it’s the long life version which is cheaper or  soya (our preference) which is about the same price as fresh milk. You should be able to find cheddar (€2.70 for 200g). If not, Manchego is a tasty alternative and cheaper. Better value is Gouda but I won’t tell what we call the stuff most readily available. Shop around for butter and you can pick up a block for just over a euro but in many supermarkets in costs around €1.70.


Fruit and veg, Tenerife


Fruit and Veg
Buy loose for the best value. Potatoes are €0.99 a kilo. A pound of mushrooms set us back €1.50  and half a dozen bananas the same. A green pepper was €0.32, a couple of carrots €0.49 and celery €2.39. Prices rise and fall depending on the season. Tomatoes are generally always cheap.

Meat and Fish
A pack of decent Spanish bacon costs €1.95, minced beef €2.30 for 400g, two chicken breasts around €3.00 and 100g of smoked salmon €1.80.


Wine, tenerife


Wine, Beer and Spirits
Decent Spanish wine is available from €3-€5 but you can get cheaper. Canarian wines are more expensive (€5+). Cans of light lager are available from €0.20. Local spirits are cheap (litre of vodka or gin as low as €5) and taste it. Look out for offers – a bottle of Tanqueray gin with tonic is €12.95 at the moment.

Buy big. Eight litre bottles cost us €1.07.


Supermarket, Tenerife


Biscuits and Sweets
A pack of addictive Tirma white chocolate biscuits was €1.16 and a 200g bar of Cadbury milk chocolate was €1.56.

Our weekly shopping bill (for two people) which included 50 separate items came in at €95. Sometimes it’s a bit more, sometimes a bit less. It seems pretty decent value to us.

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