Five Common Misconceptions About Tenerife

Fri, October 21st, 2011 - By Jack Montgomery

Many people in Britain have an image of what Tenerife is like that has been created by something they’ve seen on the TV or read in the travel section of their favourite newspaper.

I was the same, I knew exactly what Tenerife was going to be like long before I’d set foot on the island…and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Let’s put right some common misconceptions about Tenerife.

Tenerife is Sunny Every Day of the Year
It does occasionally rain on Tenerife, even in Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos in the south, and there can be cloudy days so sun every day isn’t guranteed. But, on the other hand, even on days when there are clouds and rain the chances are that the sun will put in an appearance. Out of the last 52 weeks, the south of Tenerife only had one week where the sun was a stranger.



Tenerife is Little Britain in the Sun
Mention Tenerife and for many the image that springs to mind is one of blackboards advertising all day breakfasts, karaoke bars packed with boozed up Brits and sun beds filled with human lobsters with football shirts flung over their scarlet faces and sporting beer bellies designed for resting a row of pints on. There are areas where this might be the case, but they are increasingly in the minority. The bulk of Tenerife is very Canarian in personality and even much of that most infamous of resorts Playa de las Américas is quite cosmopolitan these days. If you’re scoffing with disbelief at this point stay in La Laguna, Santa Cruz, La Orotava or Garachico and then tell me Tenerife is like Britain with sunshine.

Star Wars & Planet of the Apes were Filmed in the Mount Teide Crater
Everyone from package holiday tourist to experienced travel writers fall for this one thanks to creative tour guides insisting these movies were filmed on Tenerife. The truth is neither Luke Skywalker nor a talking ape ever set foot on Tenerife. However, parts of both Clash of the Titans movies were filmed on Tenerife in the crater, in Guia de Isora and in Buenavista del Norte.



The South of Tenerife is Sunny & Dry, the North of Tenerife is Cloudy and Cool
The first mistake people make when talking about the weather in Tenerife is that they compare north and south with each other and not with other holiday destinations. The north is a couple of degrees less warm than the south of Tenerife – but that means 28C (82.4F) in the summer as opposed to the south’s 30C (86F) and 22C (71.6F) in Jan/Feb instead of the south’s 23C (73.4F). The second mistake is that nearly all the temperatures used for north Tenerife are taken from Los Rodeos airport which is located nearly 600 metres above sea level and doesn’t bear any relation to the weather in Puerto de la Cruz. But it can be cloudier. Where the south coast saw mainly sunshine for 51 weeks of the year, on the north coast it was 46 weeks.



Tenerife is pronounced Ten-er-eef
Nope, it’s pronounced Ten-er-eef-ay. Bet Gilroy in Coronation Street had it right. After living here for eight years I’m ashamed to admit that I still mostly use Ten-er-eef.

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  1. Gary Rosson says:

    Although it’s a bit old, don’t forget One Million Years BC, parts of which were filmed on the island. I understand the film featured Raquel Welch in a fur bikini. So they say!

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