Coastal Walk From La Caleta To Puerto Colon

Mon, September 24th, 2012 - By Colin

Make the effort and start this Costa Adeje coastal walk with a little climb. La Caleta has so much charm it’s best to go right to the western end of the fishing village and take the short path up past the new villas to the cliff top that looks down on the sea swirling below.

La Caleta, Costa Adeje

Take a deep breath and follow the path down to the first of many small coves. El Varadero is little more than a handful of pebbles but the locals pack plenty of small fishing boats in. Never mind tinkering with the car, everyone seems to be half way through battering their boat into shape. The tight walkway passes in front of the houses as the lure of the sea becomes clearer. The sea has worn fissures into the flat slabs of rock allowing the tide to create rock pools and small enclosed bathing areas.

La Caleta, Costa Adeje


As the balustrade-protected path curls round fish restaurants like Masia del Mar and Piscis, diners and walkers can almost reach out to the series of part submerged iron steps that invite swimmers. The point of El Cabezo is a hot spot for surfers and stages several body board contests through the year.

Leaving the village behind the main road soon brings the beach of La Enramada into view. Big waves have been partly tamed in recent years but attempts to coat the shingle with imported sand were thwarted by nature – a good judge of needless improvements. You may want to give your toes a treat as you walk along the beach to reach the resumption of the path. This large beach becomes an annual gallop for horses and goats for the Fiesta of San Sebastian and the large mound at the end is a popular vantage point. Take the floral walkway off the beach and up the mound for fabulous views and a sneaky peak into the four and five star luxury hotels that dominate from this point.

Beach sculptures, Costa Adeje


The beach beyond has a strange treasure, delicately balanced piles of small stones often used to guide hill walkers have taken over a large stretch and make an eerie sight for the curious. The promenade from here is wide, modern, and punctuated with benches and coin operated telescopes. The beaches start to change from shingle to sand, you’re spoiled for choice.  Playa del Duque is the playground of the top of the range hotels but equally enjoyed by all. After a brief road detour, Playa Fañabe competes in the wow stakes. The multi layered backdrop of bars and restaurants should please even the most picky and there’s every form of leisure from trampolines to self drive buggies.

Playa Del Duque, Costa Adeje


You know Puerto Colon is near when you see the mock lighthouse of El Faro – a beacon for night owls. The sheer amount and diversity of Costa Adeje beaches on this walk underlines why Tenerife has such a wide appeal. As a piece of homework on the history of Tenerife tourism, this walk is very enjoyable and if you resist the urge to swim every few bays it will take just over two hours.

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