Circo On Ice Thrills The Families

Mon, October 12th, 2015 - By Colin

A woolley mammoth chasing a clown ringmaster through the audience and a gang of cheeky penguins exacting some sweet revenge on their hunter. These were the only animals in the Circo On Ice, providing laughter between thrilling displays of acrobatics, dance and gravity defying balancing high up in the roof of the big top.


Circo on Ice, La Laguna


La Laguna welcomed the Alegria circus to Tenerife for a month and they certainly aimed to pack the people and the shows in, 42 performances in all, no wonder they needed a crew of 100 people. As the crimson curtains were pulled back to reveal the 125 square metre ice pad, a film gave a super fast view of putting up the big top. I was surprised how warm it was in the tiered seating but food and drink stalls in the entrance lobby were backed up with mobile water, and popcorn sellers among the audience.


Circo on Ice, La Laguna


Circus is a great family pleaser and this troupe hit the ice running with skaters popping out of igloos in dazzling costumes. The presentation was slick and fast, the basic set was changed in a flash between acts and the performers made full use of what they had. Gyrating a body full of metal rings was impressive enough but the ice queen took it a stage further by grabbing a rope and rising into the air to perform more elaborate tricks.

There’s no language barrier at Circo On Ice, a strident sound track provided a fast beat for the stars, and the visual humour of the ringmaster and his apprentice delighted the children, especially when they went among the crowd. The finale to the first half was spectacular and involved a spinning cage on the end of an arm that took it up to the peak of the canvas and down again in a speedy circular turn. The acrobat had everyone gasping as he walked, ran, and skipped inside the cage but that was just him warming up, seeing is believing for what he did next.


Circo on Ice, La Laguna


The old circus favourites weren’t overlooked, the second half opened with a trapeze act, and there was a graceful display of muscle power with a trio supporting each other as they built sturdy towers and pyramids on a small circular stage. How about some escapology? It was quite a torture device that threatened a young female dancer, a combination of fire and crunching metal prongs. Her next ordeal was a table sandwiched between a pair of rotating blade wheels, all done with style and split second timing.

The costume designers should take a bow too, the outfits were bright and bold with blue, white, and silver complementing the ice setting. Mix in some audience participation from the clowns and a big musical finish, it was quite a show. Circus has moved on from custard pies and plate spinning, audiences are very demanding but there’s plenty of high octane, fun entertainment in this two hour show from Circo On Ice.


Circo on Ice, La Laguna


Circo On Ice – advertised as being at Campus Guajara but it’s at Las Mantecas, half way between La Laguna and Santa Cruz; shows are Monday to Friday 6.30 pm, Saturday 5 pm and 7.30 pm, Sunday noon, 5 pm, and 7.30 pm; 2 October to 2 November.
Prices: from 16 euros adults and 8 euros children 1 to 10 years old, VIP 35 euros adults and 30 euros children. There are some online discounts and offers for specific shows on the website. The box office at the Circus is open 11 am to 2 pm, and 6 pm to 9 pm.
Getting there: By car it’s at the southern end of La Laguna, just across from the Pabellon Santiago Martin sports hall (known as the hamburger). There is limited roadside parking so the tram may be your best option, from Santa Cruz or La Laguna it’s 20 minutes to the Las Mantecas stop, 1.35 euros one way, every 15 minutes.

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