Choosing the Right Fiesta on Tenerife

Wed, September 23rd, 2015 - By Jack Montgomery

Before I moved to the island I didn’t realise for a second just how many fiestas were held on Tenerife. There are hundreds of them. The municipality of Los Realejos on the other side of the valley from where we live claims to be the fiesta capital of Tenerife, boasting around 80 fiestas during the year. It makes you wonder where they find the time to work.

At the moment the Orotava Valley booms every night with a firework display taking place somewhere.

Fiestas come in many shapes and sizes on Tenerife. Some are serious, some are frivolous, some are odd. The traditional fiestas have one thing in common, the community spirit on show is one of the things that makes experiencing them so compelling and often emotionally moving.

But different fiestas will appeal to different people, depending on personal taste.

This is a brief guide to the best of the fests.

Street party, Carnival, Tenerife

Best Tenerife Fiesta For Fun
Carnival on Tenerife is the biggest, brashest and most fun fiesta going, but you have to dress up and join in the street parties to get the best of it. Santa Cruz is the biggest by far whereas carnival in Puerto de la Cruz offers a good mix of locals and visitors and has one of the most outrageous events in the High Heels Marathon. Carnival in the south is on a smaller scale which some people prefer as it can be less intimidating if it’s your first time. Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes are most popular with visitors to the south.

Best Religious Tenerife Fiesta
Where else but in the city known for being the religious centre of Tenerife, La Laguna. The hooded processions for Semana Santa (Easter) are sombre, evocative and, thanks to a certain dodgy clan in the USA, slightly unnerving.

Dia de la Trilla, El Tanque, Tenerife

Best Tenerife Fiesta For Tradition
There are few small fiestas which showcase traditional life on Tenerife. July is a good month for traditional fiestas with the residents of Chirche in the south west turning the clock back mid month. At the end of the month, Dia de la Trilla in the hills near San José de los Llanos is in a lovely setting for enjoying a traditional agricultural gathering.

Best Tenerife Fiesta For Food
Food features in most Tenerife fiestas but San Andrés in November is devoted to chestnuts and wine. You can get your fill of both in Puerto de la Cruz and Icod de los Vinos.

Flower carpets, Corpus Christi, La Orotava, Tenerife

Best Tenerife Fiesta For Theatre
The most famous piece of Tenerife fiesta theatre is the Passion in Adeje on Good Friday when townspeople act out the last days of Christ. Less well known and a bit bizarre is La Librea in Tegueste when, once every four years in September, the townspeople return to the 17th century and pirates, Moors and the British attack the town hall… in ships.

Most Beautiful Tenerife Fiesta
The sand and flower carpets covering the streets and plaza outside the town hall in La Orotava during Corpus Christi are quite the most beautiful fiesta sight on Tenerife by a flowery mile.

Goat bathing, San Andres, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Oddest Tenerife Fiesta
Finally, there are a few quirky Tenerife festivals to choose from, but the oddest has to be the ritual goat bathing in the harbour at Puerto de la Cruz on Midsummer morning; it is simply quite bah-zarre.

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  1. Mary Davies says:

    What festivals are on in Tenerife Oct 9th to 23rd?

    • October isn’t the best month for fiestas but if you’re in the south, Costa Adeje holds their Fiestas Patronales this month (until 18 oct) with various events including live bands, processions and parades. In the north, it’s not a fiesta as such but Noche en Blanco in Puerto de la Cruz on 17 October is a great night of tapas, live music and all sorts of events throughout the town. It starts from 6pm and goes on until the early hours of the following morning. There are a few others but a lot of them are not near resort areas.

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