Why Choose Tenerife?

Wed, July 9th, 2014 - By Linda

If you live anywhere long enough, you begin to take it for granted, even if you live on an island like Tenerife. Perhaps it’s part of the expat psyche to wonder if life might be better elsewhere. For someone looking to holiday in the Canary Islands, the questions are much the same as the ones I ask myself from time to time.

Fact: there’s nowhere with this year-round climate so convenient to get to. So, my question was: is this the best island? There are eight inhabited islands; do they have anything Tenerife doesn’t?


Teide National Park


1. Lanzarote: with dramatic, volcanic scenery, modern resorts with great hotels and restaurants, and a lively, sporty vibe. Well, no Ironman, but Tenerife has sports aplenty, no landscape is more dramatic than Teide National Park, and Costa Adeje’s hotels and resorts are world-beaters. What Lanzarote lacks is variety of scenery. No shady forest, to stroll and escape the noonday sun.


El Medano


2. Fuerteventura: the island’s claim to fame is its endless, white beaches. Stiff breezes make it Europe’s windsurf capital, and breakers foaming out of turquoise water on the other side of the island attract surfers. Inland, red, volcanic landscapes will amaze you. Admittedly, Tenerife doesn’t have as many long beaches, but El Médano, La Tejita and Las Teresitas can compare, and, like Lanzarote, there is lack of variety.


Playa de Las Americas


3. El Hierro, La Graciosa and La Gomera: the three smallest islands, and maybe that says it all. El Hierro the most environmentally friendly, La Gomera, the island many call “magical”, and La Graciosa, basically one, long beach. All described as tranquil. If you want to disconnect from the world, then these are the islands for you, but tranquillity comes at a price. None has much nightlife. Perhaps you don’t long for the bright lights of Playa de las Americas, but do like to linger over a meal or that last, late drink in a bar? Forget it! Before midnight everyone is tucked up in bed.

4. La Palma: of all the other islands, La Palma is perhaps the most similar to Tenerife. It has dramatic scenery, mysterious forests, coastal badlands and recently created resorts – on a smaller scale, which give it a distinctly provincial feel. The nightlife doesn’t really swing, and there is no shopping to speak of. For me the main problem in La Palma is getting around. I like to get out and sightsee (and there is plenty to see), but it is the world’s steepest island, and exploring it means driving up, down and around, mainly on narrow roads.


Anaga forest


5. Gran Canaria: Maybe the only island that can give Tenerife real competition is its old rival. Gran Canaria has great beaches, lively bars and restaurants in the resorts, and excellent shopping, but even so – it lacks those landscapes Tenerife offers, nothing quite so dramatic as the Paisaje Lunar or as lush as the Anaga forests.

Result of my wee investigation? Let me list what Tenerife is for me: lush forest; world-class accommodation – from 5-star hotels to rural; beaches – from spectacular to secluded; from Santa Cruz to Costa Adeje there is great shopping even in villages like Icod de los Vinos; breathtaking volcanic landscapes; international and traditional eateries; and facilities for all sorts of sports. Why would I want to be anywhere else?

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4 Responses to “Why Choose Tenerife?”

  1. Sonjie says:

    Couldn’t agree more Linda! When I moved to Tenerife from mainland Spain, my Spanish friends were all saying “ooh, you’ll get “island fever”, stuck on such a small island”. They couldn’t have been more wrong – it’s such a diverse island that if ever you get fed up of one type of environment, you just need to hop on a bus and in an hour you’re in a completely different world. Love it! : )

  2. Brian Peters says:

    A slightly biased account, so maybe “wee” is the right word to use! Head for Gran Canaria, in our opinion, the mountain and sea views are spectacular and it certainly does not ‘lack the landscapes’ if you take the trouble to look!

  3. Linda says:

    I had the same experience, Sonjie, although, admittedly 27 years ago there was more truth in what my friends said than there is now! The diversity here never ceases to amaze me.

  4. Linda says:

    Of course I’m biased, Brian. That’s why I wrote it! After living in Tenerife for 27 years, I questioned whether I might prefer living on one of the other islands. and so have just spent 10 months traveling the islands. My personal opinion is that Tenerife has more to offer all round, so for anyone wanting a variety of activities and landscapes it’s the better choice. For anyone wanting, say, solitude, I would likely say one of the smaller islands, though that is available here too, in, say, Anaga. I love all of the islands, the variety they offer for anyone who wants to tour all of them is stunning, but for anyone who doesn’t have the time to do that then I think Tenerife has most to offer.

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