Chiringuito Las Salinas, Live And Unplugged

Mon, September 30th, 2013 - By Colin

Thankfully when walking along the promenades of Arona and Adeje there are plenty of small kiosks for a cold top up. The latest addition Las Salinas sitting at the headland where Playa de Las Americas meets Los Cristianos has an added bonus – it’s eco friendly.

Chiringuitos are a bone of contention with the local Ayuntamientos (councils) as many have sprung up as small offshoots of farms and private houses. Tomas Calderon has no such worries with his new self sustainable baby, he has put up the bar close to the sea after permission from the Costas coastal authority persuaded Arona Ayuntamiento to grant him an initial year’s licence.


Chiringuito Las Salinas


The neat, well appointed kiosk is low key and unobtrusive and offers good views of two popular surfing areas but a glance upward will reveal a very modern roof. Solar panels absorb nature’s rays and power a generator by the beach wall, if the weather forgets the script, it has power stored for three days.

Initially Las Salinas is concentrating on cold drinks. At the side window you can see fresh fruit being prepared for the mojitos, milkshakes and cocktails. There are a few basic snacks and they already have plans to serve hotdogs and a few paellas to tempt passers by. All the water used on site is from a tank that holds 1,500 litres, a chemical treatment system cleans the used water before any is run off and the tank is topped up  by regular deliveries. The power system keeps everything nicely chilled as well as running the lights, mixers, fridges etc.


Chiringuito Las Salinas


It’s quite a change for owner Tomas from Veguellina Orbigo near Leon. He carved out a career in construction and has lived in Tenerife for 17 years. The financial crisis saw his building work dry up and he decided to tap into the tourist market. You can see his eye for a good building in the way Las Salinas is set up. At the western end a decking area makes a good chill out spot complete with deck chairs, the reggae music wafting out when I called added to the laid back feel.


Chiringuito Las Salinas


It’s a very commendable idea but the prices are a bit steep considering the vast amount of competition in the area. A pint is €3, and fruit cocktails are €9.50, a mojito is a bit nearer the norm at €5 with a non alcoholic version the same price for children and a croissant or sandwich will cost you €3.50. Las Salinas is open every day from around 9 am to 9 pm

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